Author Jane Ward Puts Ego Aside And Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

Writer, Editor, Publisher…Me

By Jane Ward

The email to my agent is drafted. All I have to do is click the “send” button. Within seconds, she’ll see my decision:

I would like you to pull my food-memoir manuscript out of circulation, for now anyway, while I give serious consideration to the direction in which I want to take my nonfiction writing.

“As for the second manuscript of mine, the mainstream fiction manuscript that has been making the rounds for the past year, I would like that off the market as well. In fact, I would like all copies of that manuscript returned.

“I have decided to publish it myself.”

Self-publishing? Undertaking the roles of editor and publisher in addition to my primary role of writer, all for the pleasure of seeing my work in print?

"Farmers Market Cart," © Jane Ward

Thanks to print-on-demand technology, self-publishing in our digital world has progressed from the pay-to-play model of old. But the option still carries a bit of the vanity press stigma.

While I’m elated that there is a modern print alternative to traditional publishing houses, I have to ask myself about my motives. Is it vanity? Or is it something else?

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