Gloucester MA Mayors’ Arts Challenge Video

Mayor Carolyn A. Kirk talks about Gloucester’s arts and cultural community.


MayorsArtsChallenge 16 Bay State mayors have submitted powerful testimonials on how arts and culture make their cities better places to live, work, and visit. Vote now by “liking” the video you believe makes the best case for the power of the arts in building community. Sign-in to “like” videos by Oct. 29, 2010.


  • Well, it was a nice video, and certainly a very nice promotional piece for Gloucester, but what does it have to with the arts? As a working artist, I find it hard to see how this video meets the MCC’s call to “describe how the arts improve life in their communities, enhance their local economies, and contribute to the education of local youth.”

    Except for the last 7 seconds, we didn’t even see any local art, just a bunch of video stills photoshopped to look like “paintings.” It would have been nice to see something more substantive.


  • I must agree with Mr Beauchamp. Although the sights and sounds of Gloucester always pull at my heartstrings, the history, importance and vibrance of Gloucester’s legacy in the arts (which are world renowned) is not effectively conveyed at all. Images shown on GMG on a daily basis are consistantly more effective than this presentation. How unfortunate.


    • I think it showed some pretty good stuff even if it wasn’t all that Art related. I’d want to come here if I saw that video.

      Great job editing too. I say give props and I bet if they do another one they will look more to the art community for input.


  • I think the Mayor of Gloucester completely missed the assignment, unlike the other Mayors in these art challenge videos. It’s like we have no artists, no artistic heritage nor any art and cultural institutions. Nice tourist video, nice political self promotion but flunks the assignment by ignoring the art community. For example where is The Cape Museum, Gloucester Stage, Cape Ann Symphony, Rocky Neck Art Colony, Maritime Center, Writers Center, Art Haven, Beau Port, Sargent House Museum, Blackburn Theatre, Local Colors. Docksiders, North Shore Art Association, Kettle Cove Studios, Fisk Organ, Cape Ann Artisans, Gloucester Lyceum, SeArts, Gloucester Cultural Council, Gloucester Educational Foundation etc etc and the thousand to 2 thousand artists who live and work here and add vibrancy to to this community. Again, it’s nice we have athletic events but that was not the assignment.


  • Well done video ~ What about the Artists?????


  • I love this video. It shows how Gloucester and our seascapes, landscapes and people are an inspiration for many kinds of artists. In a place like Gloucester where arts and culture are such a part of everyday life, how could you represent all of the artistic efforts taking place in a 3-minute video? You’d have to leave too many things out.

    I like how this focuses instead on the beauty and culture of Gloucester that inspire our great arts scene.


  • What Nothing about “Art, Rocks!”


  • I think the video is absolutely beautiful and well done BUT it misses the mark. The point of the video was to point out how the arts support the quality of life, NOT how the quality of life (via the extraordinary environment) promotes inspiration for the arts.

    The beauties shown in the film are what has inspired our rich heritage of art, theater, music, literature, etc. but there is not a mention of how those arts enhance the quality of life here. I don’t get what the point of the video is WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE MCC. It’s pretty but it misses the mark entirely.


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