• Thanks Brother , I woke up in a ( POOP ) mood this morning , got on my computer and as I always do log on to Good Morning Gloucester to check out whats going on back home and came across the interview with Maddie . Well thanks to her I am smiling now : ) Great interview Maddie , sweet kid Joey . thanks again and Good morning Gloucester !!!


  • God.I don’t think I can love her anymore then I already do! I just love her to death!! She is a character.. I’m so lucky to be her TeTe !!


  • She is absolutely adorable, that bright little face and those big blue eyes. I love the way she says her name. You’re in for an adventure with her, that’s for sure!


  • She is so cute and those eyes are amazing… love the fact that she wanted to talk to the camera… fasten your seat belt.. she is amazing..


  • this had me cracking up, she is so cute and so smart, you guys really could be making big bucks with her acting and modeling….what a character!

    tx for sharing.


  • My wife says she looks just like you Joey but I said she dosen’t shes cute…..LOL


  • aw man..that was great! She is funny!

    – Rich


  • What a wonderful film. Great lighting, credits, and of course subject! She is a real doll. Thanks for sharing this! Cheers, Jane p.s. I’m assuming Eloise is named after Kay Thompson’s Eloise who lived at The Plaza? How wonderful! (Eloise and Madeline: two of my mother’s favorite characters; she read all of the books to me. I still have them all. )


  • Ann Marie Kershaw

    Excellent! Lovely to save. And learning to interview and ask questions and listen and answer questions is great and talking to the camera Wow! A wonderful family!

    But careful. ” don’t put your little one on the stage” comes from an old quote. Kids grow up and hate it.
    Also there is a big bad world we do not want etc.

    But what a lovely good morning just this once and so healing to the world. Thank you!


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