Charlee Bianchini Has a Couple Of Bikes For Sale


Hi Joey!
How are things going down at the Dock?? Let’s get coffee soon and catch up!
I’m wondering if you could do me a huge favor.  I’m trying to sell a couple bikes, and was wondering if you could put an announcement on GMG for me?  I’m not sure you do that sort of thing, but I thought I’d ask.
I’m including the pictures of them, and you can tell people if they’re interested then send me an email:
Greatly Appreciative! and let me know when you’re free.  I should be around this week if you want to hit up the Gull!
The green bike is only a few years old, and in absolutely perfect condition–not a spot of rust on it. I’m trying to sell that one for $300, but am flexible.  The red bike is a bit older but still rides very well. I’ll sell that at $200, again flexible.


Here is a video of Cahrlee conducting an interview with your boy Joey before she left for China last year.

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