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Clean Harbor Swimmers – Slide Shows

I created two slide shows because of all the swimmers.  There was 117 swimmers, hopefully I captured all of them during the “Count”, a safety precaution, same number of swimmers that go into the water must come out and be counted. 

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Click on Photo to View Sline_Show_One


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Paula Karahalis Band Harbor Loop Concert Captured By Hartson Media

Sam Hartson Sends In This Clip From Last Night-

Great Work Sam!

You can check out Sam’s website-

Paula Karahalis Band website is-

Looking forward to more of Sam’s Fiesta Documentary Coming Soon!

Farmers Market – August 19th 2010 – Video

Where you will find fresh Produce, Families and Music.

Click on photos to enlarge, also enjoy the video below.

Kevin J Henry Fresh Flounder Filleting Photo Slide Show

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You can also visit Kevin’s site here-

Kevin writes-

FISHERMEN – I see pride, determination and resignation in the photographs of these men. They are the "last of the independents" in Point Pleasant, NJ. As small commercial fishermen along the East Coast vanish, those that remain persevere and struggle to survive. A centuries old way of life that is rich with tradition and pride may soon be gone, victims of what may be the irreversible consolidation of the fleets. Their culture deserves respect and admiration. Those who work in this inherently dangerous trade are to be admired.
THE FUTURE? – A ghostly view of what may be the disappearing fishing fleets.