Pop Gallery Encaustic Artist Linda Cordner Video

Interview With West End Gloucester MA Pop Gallery’s Linda Cordner,

This from Linda’s Website-
The word Encaustic, from ancient Greek, means “to heat” and that is the basis for encaustic painting. Wax, primarily bees wax, with or without added pigment and mixed with a small amount of damar resin, is heated to a liquid state and applied to a ground with brushes. Painting is done quickly, as the wax starts to harden as soon as it is separated from its heat source. Each painted layer must be fused to the next to create a solid piece that becomes the encaustic painting. It is one of the most durable painting mediums since wax is impervious to moisture and over time will retain its original colors.

Artist Statement

I am very drawn to wax and its tactile qualities, the smell and viscosity of the medium are very different from other painting techniques. Creating organic forms is a natural extension of wax’s origin. Coming from a background in graphic design, I am drawn to certain color schemes and shapes, the repetition and placement being important to the composition. My paintings are made by layering multiple coats of wax which can completely obscure the under layers at times. I then scrape away areas of the wax to expose the compositions below.

Pop Gallery is located at 67 Main Street in between Dog Bar and The Bookstore of Gloucester in what many are beginning to call Gloucester’s “Artist Row”


  • YAY! nice video and the shop looks lovely. I’ll have to get up there soon and check it out.


  • Love it! Can’t wait to check out the encaustic paintings in person, they look so vibrant and glossy and textured!



  • Great Encaustic art ~ Great Video ~ do some encaustic art myself & her work was excellent ~ Saw the store tonite at the Block Party and it is a marvelous addition to downtown Gloucester ~ Also, got to meet Joey in person outside the shop ~ So ~` thanks to Joey for featuring this great new shop in Gloucester ~ Gloucester is on the move!
    namaste, Carol ~ zoe (“ruff! ruff!”)


  • “happier then a CLAM” literally, that everyone is so welcoming to us at POP….please come in if you haven’t already….browse, ask questions, educate, indulge, saturate, meditate, or energize…we have much for the eyes, heart, and soul….


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