Props To Bob Hastings at The Chamber of Commerce and The Gloucester Police Department

Yesterday’s announcement about the counterfeit $20 bills came from Executive Director of The Cape Ann Chamber Bob Hastings.  Within minutes of Bob getting the information from the police department he emailed the entire chamber membership and we got the news out here.

The Chamber does a lot of great things that sometimes go unnoticed, just thought I’d point out and recognize just another way they help our community.

Good work


  • As a member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber I would like to thank everyone at the Chamber for the hard work they do on behalf of the entire Cape Ann community!


  • I agree with Laurie, also as a board member the Cape Ann Chamber with the leadership of Bob Hastings works extremely hard for the entire area. Thank you Joey for posting.


  • It is very nice to see the logo I designed for the Chamber many years ago (c 1970’s) still being used. This was created prior to the days of computer graphics & fancy programs. It was hand cut in “ruby lith” (which is a film) with an X-Acto knife. The original size of the art was quite large (perhaps 2ft high or more). It was then reduced to the necessary sizes by means of my verticle “stat camera”.
    This equipment could produce B&W paper reproductions and/or transparen film images. It would reduce to 33% and enlarge to 300% in one percent incriments. By the 90’s the equipment was a “dinosaur” and the trash truck took it to its final resting grounds. Thanks for showing the logo!
    Helen Anne Lind, Palm Springs, CA


    • Your well designed logo has stood the test of time, be very proud. Thanks for sharing the process of creating such a piece back in the day.


  • I’m Thinking the same people who passed the counterfeit $20 bills, were the same ones who took one of my Rocks Hostage.


  • Very interesting about the logo, Helen! Thanks for sharing.


    PS I agree with Paul, same nefarious people!


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