Dave Marciano Has Balls

Not too many people other than my favorite blogger Doug Maxfield that have the balls to write articles like the one Dave Marciano wrote in today’s GDT-

Letter: Coalition sector support now haunting fishermen

Click the link above to read what Dave has to say.  If what he says is true (and believe me I can’t even begin to understand how complex it all is) the way of life of the independent fishermen in Gloucester Ma will be lost forever within a generation.

i’m not sure how many people understand how sweeping the changes will be to our port but if it all is privatized the way it sounds like it’s going, go grab all the copies you can of John N Morris’ book Alone At Sea about the Schooners and Ron Gilson’s book about the waterfront An Island No More because the way of life as independent fishermen in Gloucester will be history and those two guys captured it in a real (non-romanticized way) better than anyone.


  • Joey & All,
    There is no doubt in my mind that VERY nefarious and Byzantine politics has been at work here for a long, long time. Is there any way to expose it ?



    • This isn’t a political blog. I’ve always maintained that we don’t get into politics here. It’s for the fishermen to decide I guess. In a perfect world everyone could prosper. I just hope that the people making the decisions are aware of how radically things will be changing with a stroke of a pen.


  • O.K., understood, and I won’t address it again, at least here. When this level of power and control are in play and violations can be enforced and punished…..it’s politics.


  • This seems analogous to agriculture programs. Programs billed as aid to preserve small family farms ended up benefiting large farmers the most. And, in fact, to this day those benefiting the most (who make enough to buy up land) drive the trend to bigger farms, accelerating the demise of small farms and resulting in population shrinkage in rural counties. Exactly backward from the original intent. I’m not making a moral judgment here. Just pointing out “unintended consequences” are a real risk.


  • I have a lot of sympathy for Dave’s point of view but also for the older fishermen who want to get out but whose permits and boats have been reduced to virtually no value by the transition to catch shares. Those people need the buyback just to get their loans paid off. (Of course no one is talking about what happens to all the crew members whose jobs go with all of this consolidation by NOAA. The owners generally get the buyback money and often it is just the banks who are rescued.) I agree 100% with Dave that the catch share system and its implementation with no constraint on accumulation by non-fishing investors elsewhere is a disaster. At present the catch shares are allocated and traded yearly, but there is no doubt that NOAA policy is to make them permanent and therefore ripe for accumulation by investment banks, oil companies …..


    • Just they opposite is true Damon all the greedy old bastards signed onto this cat h share scam to cash in big time . No other reason they got in for nothingand will make a killing literally millions of of permits they got for free. Catch shares was just a it to circumvent congressional law. The next council moves now that the greedy pigs forced out the small guys ITQs then once ownership of the resource becomes for ever not the temporary allocation that is crap shares their corrupt little scam is complete . Denying all those that came after them the same opportunity they had. Pirates liars and thieve that whole bunch of coalition whores


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