Audience Participation Required!!

Ok! It’s time to get off your Butts and contribute to GMG. 

I got this Idea from my Ahht Sensei, Debbie Clarke. She has been making short Youtube videos of herself, Her Life and her Art.

Now here’s what you have to do to be Famous on GMG.

Take a short video of yourself at a favorite Location around town or from your home Doing what you love doing or just a short Bio on your Life or whatever you like.

Have fun! We will post it up here on the pages of GMG! If you have a digital camera you have the ability to take video. NO EXCUSES!

It’s time to be a part of the GMG Community! Below is an Example;

 “so, what do you do with your lifecam?  keep it clean, this is a family friendly site with a slight slant towards the quirky sense of humor?” 

this is  what deb does.

more of debs youtube videos;

Send your youtube links to;

Paul Frontiero:

Deb Clarke:


  • omg to quote a song
    “we’ve got lasers in our living room,
    it’s enough to make ya go crazy.”
    can’t remember the bands name but it plays on all of the time.

    one more flippin’ camera on the harbor. only sometimes. i’m always looking for the possibilities of art and art communication. in addition to an obsession of self documentation.

    have fun with this please! really looking forward to seeing what folk do with a web cam or video. i’m thinking i might try skype or some type of live teaching space.



  • Unfortunately Deb, I think the readership of GMG are a bunch of OLD FARTS! We’ll see. No Offense to all the “OLD FARTS” Out there.


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