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Read Doug Maxfield

That is all. To make it easier for you I’ll provide this handy link- http://northshorewaterman.com/ I may just refer every newspaper reporter to him from now on because he can say all the things that should be said but most … Continue reading

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Melissa Smith Abbott Interview Part I

You can visit her website here-http://www.anadamabreadbook.com/ The Legacy of Three Melissas: Authentic & Original Cape Ann Recipes is now available in Rockport at Toad Hall Bookstore, in Gloucester at The Bookstore on Main Street, The Cape Ann Museum Bookstore, Harbor … Continue reading

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What Up Homie?

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St. Peter’s trip to Boston’s La Madonna del Soccorso di Sciacca 100th Photos From Carole E DeCoste Gilardi

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International Dory Race Elimination – At The Markers

Where Races are Won or Lost

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Beautiful Industry- Lobster Trap Twine Growth


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Better late than never… View from the Lobsta Land window over the marsh. Pretty impressively gorgeous at sunset.

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London Scientist’s Feat Sent In By Mark Destino

Sounds Kinky.

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Gloucester Crazy 8’s Make Championship Game In Stan Brown Memorial Jamboree

Paul Scola writes- Gloucester entered an 8 year old team in the first annual Stan Brown Memorial Jamboree which ran from July 30th to August 15th.  This was the first time that an 8 year old team was assembled to … Continue reading

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“The Pipers Are Coming to Rockport!

The Rockport Legion Band is pleased to announce that it will be joining forces once again with the North Shore’s own Creagan More Pipes and Drums on Sunday, August 22 for its next program. If you’re a pipe fan, this is an … Continue reading

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Samantha and Tony Goddess Represent! Before Rocking Fenway- SWEEEET!

Hey Joey, As requested, Tony and I made the rounds of Fenway before the Jenny Dee set with GMG in full effect.  We got some great ones from before the show and before sound check, and a couple from on … Continue reading

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Night Time Voyager

The Herring Boat Voyager Loads it’s Nets and Heads out to Sea. 08.15.2010     08:45pm

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Chickity Check It!- Monkeyfist Has A New Blog-Adventures of The Blackgang

I have no freaking clue how it got it’s title but here is how she describes it- music, photos, art, tattoos, history, maritime wackiness

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Interview With Melissa Smith Abbott Part I Tonight at 6PM


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International Dory Race Elimination – Seniors What a Race!

This was a very close race, to the marker Eric and Glenn were in the lead, however Joe and Mark caught them and they all came out of the turn almost dead even, shortly there after, Eric and Glenn, had … Continue reading

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Ginormous Tank Hoisted off Gorton’s Roof Video

Captured this the other day.  The tank looked to be as big as a trailer truck. that was one big ass crane here’s some pics- Not sure that old link belt crane could have handled this job( especially considering it … Continue reading

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Good morning Gloucester Pet Of The week- Chelsea

  Good morning Gloucester!  My name is Chelsea and I am doing what I do best – napping!  I am also looking for a stress management program for cats. You see, every time the door opens here at the Cape … Continue reading

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