• And my post gets bumped! Class


    • Just mention your hog in your posts and you’ll get the stats. Dun Fudgin’ isn’t a good place to whip it out either anymore. I think inside the portopotty is safe.

      What a world. That last sentence actually makes sense. If you can’t pee when your pulling your boat …


  • Gracious! I wouldn’t dream of doing that!


  • Wer’e in a pretty bad state when this post beats out the Saint Peter’s statue in boston post in the stats. I may have to resign.


  • HA HA – You fracture me! I had forgotten that old Gloucester monniker “hog.” Some things never change, and that’s probably a good thing.


  • Tim I thought it was a rod, & I’m not talking fishing…lol… Kathleen, I laughed out loud when I read your statement. Don’t think you have the goods to do that…lol… Boy, I’m on vacation. Leaving for Maine tomorrow for a week. What more could I ask for. A boat with my name & Kathleen making me laugh at 8:19 a.m.? All I have to say is Bar Harbor, Cadillac Mountain, Deer Isle & Stonington, hold on for I am comming. This blog sometimes bring much joy. Everyone, stay safe. Especially my lobstermen & fishermen. Did I say MY. Well, Joey, you know where they are in my heart. Stay Safe.


  • It has been nearly a year. This post needs to be brought back to the surface again!

    Decadence is a beautiful thing!


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