• Great Interview!
    Meditation is Great! It helps me focus and calms my soul.
    It Helps conquer the Daily GMG Deadline.
    How long do you think Joey would last?
    I don’t think he would get two feet from his truck without openning his Yap.

    “The mind is everything. What you think you become.”


  • Just listening to Lindsay made me calm. Would I love to attend. Of course can’t. Thinking about doing the Woodman thing. Great interview Joey! Loved the interviews about “Why do you love Gloucester”
    This stuff should be on National TV.


  • Wonderful. Love the additional input — one of the things I love about Gloucester, people are so generous with added opinions! Thanks.


  • Joey, I had to watch it over again just for the great laughter. What a hoot the two of you are (three), a wonderful combination with free flowing humor.

    People can visit Lindsay’s The Summer Retreat web site at http://www.thesummerretreat.com

    Great interview!


  • What can I say, Lindsay is the same person she was many years ago – wonderful, warm and loving.

    Fantastic interview, thanks Joey!


  • This is an amazing piece of work – That raw unedited delivery and another classic interruption. keep em coming!


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