A Great Interview With Lindsay Crouse Coming Tonight At 6PM

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of talking with and interviewing Lindsay Crouse at Sailor Stan’s.

Lindsay, if you didn’t know has acting credits on Internet Movie Database going all the way back to the 70’s, was nominated for an Academy Award and starred in a film which is one of my favorite films of all times- House of Games with Joe Mantegna.

This interview was one of my favorites out of over 1000 that I’ve done and right up there with The Bobby Bobskill Chronicles (must see for any GMG Fan).

Now if you’ve been following along for the past couple of years you know I have a certain interviewing style in which I like to put my subject at ease and the editing I do usually consists of putting titles, credits and a few key transitions (fades in and out). What I like most about my interviewing style is that I’m not afraid to mess up and point out my glaring mistakes mid-interview. While I could easily edit the mistakes out, the honesty of leaving them in and letting my subject know that I’m consciously going to leave them in lets them know that I’m not trying to take what we do here too seriously and the point is for us to have fun and get the message across.  To that end I think we succeed.

The interview with Lindsay is a classic example of this style and an example of the contrast of how some people who run TV studios will fuss over lighting for 45 minutes and try to control every single element of the interview and end up actually detracting from a great interview. When the subject is so nervous about making everything so technically perfect the message doesn’t resonate nearly as well as our gonzo style of letting it roll -mistakes be damned.

You can take your $10,000 cameras, you can spend 45 minutes on lighting and makeup, you can have a team of editors and dress it up with some crazy post production effects- Give me my $250 Sony HD camera with a tripod and let me roll- it’s gonna be gold baby!

It didn’t hurt that Lindsay is about the least pretentious warm hearted people that you’d ever want to meet.

Our interview yesterday was one of my favorites despite flying coffee creamer cups, diesel trucks passing by and drunken interruptions.


Below is a clip from House of Games, rent it if you can-

and don’t forget to come back tonight at 6


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