• I never knew that was called Frenchman’s Pier.

    See that Beth- you taught me something.


  • Beth,

    Love the picture. Some day we should meet. Just to check out family lineages. (Hunt around on Simply Cape Ann to see why.)


  • Hahah! There you go Joey! 😉

    Someday I’ll get all the pics off my camera and then it’ll be awesome!

    Hedge: Swan (formerly Svan) of Sweden and my great, great (2-3-4?) greats was a pirate and sunk seven ships off the coast of Norway (we don’t know if that means that he sunk other peoples’ ships or seven of his own..) Of the western Ny state Swans. Nice site and photos btw!


  • Edd Muise Jr.

    The Frenchman’s pier is named for my grandfather. His name was Mark Edward “Eddie” Muise, but his nickname was the Frenchman. He lived close to there, It was deficated to him by the city of Gloucester. I can dig out some photos ans the newspaper article from the dedication an post them. Some of the members of the family are trying to get the city to rename it using his proper name so that generations from now people will know where the name comes from.


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