Local Twitteratti You Should Follow- The City of Gloucester Gets It!

Congratulations to The City Of Gloucester For Joining The Twitter Universe and Providing and Easy Way To Get Your Message About Upcoming Meetings Out!

Gotta Love When You see Forward Progressive Thinking Out Of Your Government!

They’ve also updated the City of Gloucester Website and added Facebook integration.

click the picture to Go To the Gloucester_Ma Twitter Page


Here is the Link- http://twitter.com/Gloucester_MA

I’ll feature the latest five announcements from the City Of Gloucester In the right hand column of GMG’s sidebar just under the Flickr photos so you can keep up with their announcements in real time as they get posted to their site they will be posted here as well.  Because that’s what we do.  When there is an opportunity to bring you more information faster, we do it.  We don’t have to sit around board meetings and discuss how we are going to handle our communications and if we are going to ignore other media outlets because we perceive them as competition.

The decision process is very simple.  It goes like this.

Will this benefit our viewership?

If the answer is yes, boom we make it happen.  We don’t worry about sending people to other blogs, hell we encourage people to go to other local blogs and highlight the great work that they do.  Why is that?  Because ultimately we all win.

I’ve encouraged this type of cross promotion from day one on GMG.

I’d like to think that we are like Google.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened but when it did happen it was like lightening.  Before Google there were other search engines like Yahoo and Microsoft’s search engine in which Yahoo and Microsoft had a huge portion of the market share for searches.  They were not true to the end user though and returned results that more often than not were based upon ad revenue and not about giving the best search result.

Then came Google.  Google developed a search engine that just flat out gave you the best results right off the bat.  In a very short period of time Yahoo and Microsoft’s search engines were completely overpowered and overshadowed by Google.  Does anyone ever say to “Yahoo it”?  And despite the great strides Microsoft has made with it’s recently launched Bing search engine, they lost so much of people’s trust that even though it’s a great search engine I don’t hear anyone going around saying “Just Bing it”.  No, the term is so popular now that it’s become a verb- You Google it.

Google stayed true to delivering the best search results possible much like we try to do here at GMG- we try to bring you the very best content possible.

Whether it be by linking to a story that The Times did or the Beacon or a great piece by Jay Albert or Kat Valentine ,Steve Borichevsky or Heather Atwood.  We are not afraid to send you to other places and link and promote these other fine folks and organizations because ultimately that makes our readership winners and by them knowing that we are going to the very last mile to bring them the very best we can bring them we know we won’t be losing them but instead we will gain their trust knowing that we want the very best for them.


  • Hi Joey,
    Thanks for detecting the new city website! It has some amazing features that push out information to citizens like the “Notify Me” button.

    If people like to follow a particular board or commission, they can be automatically notified when there is a meeting of that board.

    We are still working out the bugs though.

    Carolyn Kirk


    • Duly Noted On the working out the bugs part, but thanks goes to you and your team for bringing the City Information services into modern times! There is progress and there is hope! More and more people are relying on and looking to do business in cities That Get It! Obviously by utilizing social media you and your team do.


  • I love all of the cross promotion–keeping everyone informed and involved is key–nice job!


  • Really nice looking site! Well done.


  • YES, Joey. Sharing is what you do best… and it makes GoodMorningGloucester the first place anyone checks for information about Glosta. As you have written many times …. who else brings you ………(FIRST!)


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