Surfing at Good Harbor

I’ve been taking a break from posting recently because I was on my Gloucester vacation and totally took advantage of it by disconnecting myself from the world. It was wonderful!

Here are some surf pics. I still need a lot of practice but getting the hang of it. Look how beautiful that water is!

About Alicia

Advertising Account Manager, GMG Contributor, Dog Lover, and Vintage Hoarder. Loving life in Gloucester, MA!
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4 Responses to Surfing at Good Harbor

  1. Looks awesome. I can taste the salt as I face plant.
    great point of view photos.

  2. Joey says:

    Alicia, love these shots!

    You sure you don’t wanna be try the kelp krunch? I’m thinking after a big wipoeout you probably eat a pile of it anyway!

  3. H. A. Lind says:

    Fantastic! You really caught the Ahhh feeling with the side view of a big roll!

  4. Leslie says:

    Brings back childhood memories of “hitting the Breakers,” with the big guys. –salt water up my nose and down my throat, burning my eyes, heart racing, wondering if I’d clear the swelling crest before it crashed down on me…clinging to my big cousin, “just in case”……ah, those were the good ole days.

    Great shots! I can almost taste the salt and smell the tangy air. You nailed it!

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