Unbelievable! Twice In One Week! Only The Second Albino Lobster We’ve Ever Landed Out of Probably 10 Million

This Albino Was landed Today.  Out of probably (I’m guessing 10 million) lobsters I’ve seen landed at our dock over the years this is only the second total albino one I’ve seen.

To top it all off it gets landed in the same week as the triple pincher clawed lobster we got in on Saturday.  I wonder if the warm water is making these mutated lobsters more active because it is way too much of a coincidence. HD video coming in about an hour or two.


  • wow – that is unbelievable – both in one week!

    these mutations could be scary for sure – global warming, pollutants, etc. or maybe just the new normal?



  • Awesome lobster!!! good siez too….

    not certain but i think that this would qualify as lecusitic not albino…one of the big markers is that an albino critter would have red eyes…but leucistic animals have normal colored eyes….
    that might be this case-although i am not certain how the eye color would appear in an albino….
    maybe someone at whoi or the lobster institute would have an answer…

    darn beautiful bug!!!! saved? freed? gobbled up?


  • Did it come out of the pot red?


  • Yeah…I think it’s less coincidence and more: “Are we sure that water is clean?”


  • Yeah Joey, I always wonder about the wateer. Also, corgimas I have seen a couple of true albino people ( Johnny Winter for one ) & had the opportunity & pleasure to sit down & talk to him & his eyes are not real red. Almost like green with a shadow of red in them. The color is hard to describe. I guess greenish pink. Albino people don’t have red eyes like white rabbits. As far as lobsters I have never heard of an albino having red eyes & I have done a lot of reading about it. I could be wrong. Not sure.


  • Notify the media again….sure beats what they have for news.

    Besides, then you’ll become their “go to” person about Gloucester and lobsters!!



  • I think it’s good luck to let the pretty little bugger go free! *Advocating here!* It looks like stone.


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  • Albinism is a genetically inherited disorder – so i wouldn’t worry too much about this being an indication of the water quality. Also, how pink the eye may or may not appear depends on the individual, there’s no hard and fast rule.


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