BUMMER, Man! a GMG Contest with a prize


I lost my favorite Hat! It was a gray Lone Gull Coffee House Hat. I loved that hat.

I won a Gift Certificate to the Lone Gull in one of Sharon’s Contests. That’s how I got the Hat in the first place. So, it did mean a lot to me.

So, I’m looking for a New One. Anyone have any suggestions? If not I’ll buy another Lone Gull Hat.

The Winning suggestion gets a priceless plug on GMG! or a

 limited edition Priceless GMG T-Shirt as seen in the Horribles Parade.

The Hat has to be Cape Ann related. 

Sorry, but Joey won’t allow me to take any freebies, So no Bribes! wink, wink.

Contest ends when I say it does. Also GMG Employees are not eligible (did I spell that right?) Goodluck All!

Thanks!, Paul


Lone Gull Hat. My hat was gray. I miss that hat.

deb Clarkes depiction of me and my Lone Gull Hat. In reverse glass mixed medium



About Paul F. Frontiero Jr.

Paints and Photographs scenes of Gloucester, Massachusetts Waterfront and Cape Ann. http://capeannpainter.wordpress.com/
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13 Responses to BUMMER, Man! a GMG Contest with a prize

  1. corgimas says:

    i am a fan of the Gloucester Farmer’s Market hats…….short brim….comfy fit for my big melon….

  2. deb clarke says:

    find a cap you like and i will paint whatever you want on it…glosta related of course!

  3. Thanks for the replys,
    Paul, Please this is a serious contest. please treat it as such. If you were’nt a “paid” employee of GMG YOU PROBABLY WOULD’VE WON.

    Hedge; Joey does enough mind control of his GMG Authors. I Don’t need another reminder of the daily Deadline.

    Corgimas; I’ll have to look into that. I’ve never been to the farmers market due to work schedule. but how good can vegatables be if their not canned? Does any Gloucester store sell Farmers market gear. I do like their logo.

    Thanks Deb That would be awesome! One of your fish paintings would look great!

    I think I’ll hit some gloucester places today in search of a hat.

    • It had to be the most insightful thing I did all week. Bananahead hmm, the Chiquita Banana Girl? New Google Image search on “banana hat”. Bingo.

      I haven’t cashed any of my GMG paychecks since the first one bounced clear over the Gulf of Maine so I think I should be eligible for the grand prize.

      • Hedge says:

        Don’t worry about that check. Next month, Joey will be paying you all with “Homie Gull Tatts”…. Talk about mind control!

  4. deb clarke says:

    oh great! you gotta pick the fish! this is going to be awesome.
    maybe the beginning of a new career? heheheh…

  5. deb clarke says:

    oh, just dawned on me…i think i won! now, i need to find a supply of plain painter’s hats to make some prototypes.

    • NOT SO FAST! Unfortunately, (in many ways) you are considered a “paid” employee of GMG. Sorry no cheap T-Shirt for you.
      I Have a male mannequin Head somewhere. I’ll dig him out for you. My father painted some hats for himself with the fishing boats he used to work on. He was always asked if they were for sale. You never know what will be.

  6. deb clarke says:

    ooops….i’ll do the hat anyway. *L*

  7. Hedge says:

    Here’s a few more choices.
    1. Move form the single gull to gulls aorund a lighthouse…..

    2. Move away from the gulls and go to crows…two of them….


    3. Move from a lonely gull to a single chili….


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