Waxing For Charity- (But Not The Nuts)

Getting Old Sucks.  There I said it.

Don’t give me the whole age is just a number routine because apparently the hair that grows on my back and out of places I never imagined hair would ever grow out of didn’t get the memo.  I mean how fucking rotten is it that you lose the hair on top of your head only to have it growing out of your ears, nose, back of your arms, small of your back and all these other places that hair simply shouldn’t grow?  I need goddamn hedge clippers to keep this unwanted hair in check.

I’m sick and tired of this whole hair situation and I plan on doing something about it.

Wait- I’ve got it!

“Waxing For Charity”  We could have a live taping for Good Morning Gloucester of me getting waxed and for each rrrrip we could announce someone’s donation to a charity!

I probably ought to do some research first to see how much pain is involved and if someone does all of this in one sitting or if they do it in stages.  Maybe we could do it after hours and have a party and people could witness the pain over a few cocktails.

Oh and the nuts are off limits!!!  No amount of money for any charity would convince me that hot wax poured on my nuts would be a good idea. I’m just saying….

Is this something that you guys think would be interesting for the blog?  I mean it seems like a win all the way around- A win for a charity, a win for the blog and a win for the lucky salon who gets the exposure.

A live broadcast would be hilarious

I guess a poll is in order-


  • Don’t worry. It’s a painless process. Go all the way. Get get your Nutbag waxed.


  • suggestions…
    of course you’ll have a professional apply the HOT wax…but, the pledger should have the joy of ripping it off….
    and you can’t very well have your nose and ears waxed…so, i recommend plucking one little hair at a time.

    oh, the cruelty…


  • What do you drink, not water I hope! It hurts like A Mother, I know! And you don’t walk the Greasy Pole?

    i can give you a ride home when it is all done! I bath!!!!!!!!!


  • There was a movie I saw where this guy stopped the waxing when he only had a smiley face ripped off his chest. Do you have enough starting material so one could actually create a design? Maybe the Good Morning Gloucester logo on your back?

    I would definitely donate big money to see that. Or even just a smiley face. And then a walk down Good Harbor Beach in a banana sling. Oh, yeah, I would be sending in my donations.


  • Hair today, gone tomorrow!


  • Oh, come on, Man! Ladies get waxed all of the time. I get my eyebrows waxed on a regular basis…some ladies get other parts waxed, too…lips, arms, bikini line, etc…it doesn’t hurt that badly.
    You’ll survive. For real, it hurts for the actual second the tape is ripping off, and after that, it’s fine…


  • Ok, so who is going to start suggesting charities? I am going to put a name in first—The Jimmy Fund–personal favorite here…………..and also with the fabulous KateL…..


  • Yeah, you guys are wimps. Women have endured far worse (and not even just when falling apart). After the waxing, lets see you hobble around the harbor in high heels.

    My one experience with waxing involved the skin coming off in ragged red sheets and leaving the hair behind… not to scare you or anything…


  • Hi Joey,
    I volunteer to do the waxing, but the salon I work in is in Beverly.
    I’ve got about 20 years experience, and that’s enough to know men are big babies. lol
    Women often tell me my technique is practically painless…I’ve never heard that from a guy 🙂
    p.s I haven’t been asked for a logo before…hmmmm that’s a challenge! I think the best we could do are big GMG initials if you have thick enough hair.


    • Lisa thank you so much.

      Deborah Coull Salon has offered to host the event. We are currently working out the details. I appreciate your offer though.


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