Channel Marker on Wingaersheek Beach has not moved

I took a walk on Wingaersheek Beach yesterday, looking for the Channel Marker that had washed ashore during a storm. See (Ed Sawicki March 26 2010, entry in GMG ).

I did not realize how big this thing is.  Michael Densmore, a professional welder, was also there taking measurements.  He is trying to bid on the contract with the Coast Guard, to cut it up so it can be removed.  As I took photos I thought how great this would look at the new area on Rogers Street.  I also found out that Mike was the welder that had worked on the majority of the channel markers we see around the city.

 I hope I get the opportunity to watch them cut this thing up and haul it away.

 Even on a cold drizzle day you can find something interesting in Gloucester.

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  • That’s a GREAT IDEA MANNY!

    Down at I4C2 That Channel Marker Would Look Great!


  • Seems appropriate to me.


  • very good idea and great pics manny. thank you


  • I’m sure it would not pass OSHA standards but it would be cool if they could bury it in the middle of I4C2 just the way it is buried on the beach. That’s the best way a maritime buoy should be placed on land, kicking and screaming. There is a photo of kids playing on a buoy exactly like this, same incline, same size, in Rockport on the beach circa 1950.

    Make it look like it was a big storm that got it to land up in the middle of I4C2. There may be some irony there. (Puns intended.)


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