The Impact of Fishing Industry Consolidation On The City Of Gloucester Documentary

Produced by Erika Street.  Ann Malloy, Frank Rose, Scott Memhard, Beanie Nicastro and Yours truly are interviewed for this documentary about the effects of Fishing Industry Consolidation on the City of Gloucester.

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  • Excellent job !


  • Excellent job, Erika Street. Thanks for putting a face on governmenrt regulation of the fishing industry. God help the person who wants to work for them self! The sequel should be in “Common Craft Video” ( style where it starts with the many fishing boats, supporting many households and revenue streams in the community economy. Then (via the regulations), showing the consolidation where the fishing revenue stream is all funneled up, to the big guy (corporate), instead of out to the community.


  • Great video!


  • Magnificent video. Really enjoyed watching it. But on the other hand so sad to see what is happening to our fishing industry. Thanks NMFS. I guess I was right quite a while ago when I said it’s as if they want to put the family boats out of business & start going to big corporations. Sorry big guys, ( here I go making enemies again ) but give me the littler family boats back. What a crying shame. I have to stop here. My eyes are filling up. Say no more.


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