Lightning Show This Morning

Driving in from the west at 3:30AM this morning I followed the light show of a lightning storm as it headed east.

Lightning is very hard to photograph. No tripod and no idea how to keep the lens open on the camera. This is from I4C2 and the light in the distance is not the sun coming up. It’s about 4:15.

Had to burn some time before going epic fail rock hunting so went to Rockport. Lightning still going nuts but much harder to catch any since the shutter would not stay open. I took a ton of shots between strikes.


  • can you set the camera to manual to hold the lense open ?


  • Panasonnic Lumix TZ-5. Lots of clever settings but no aperture or shutter priority nor true manual. On the Gloucester shot I was able to trick it by setting “night scene” and “vivid” so as long as the boat light was not in the center it would then take a long exposure. By the time I got to Rockport the sunlight overwhelmed that tactic. I could have changed the “film” setting to ASA 100 but I can never figure out how to do that in the wild.


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