Warning- JJ Jinglenuts Latest Victim Pictures- Alvin and The Chipmunks Are A Man Down

Some people get very upset when I post pictures of our attack kitty JJ Jinglenut’s fresh kills so I offer fair warning.  Do not click on the Alvin and The Chipmunks pic If you don’t want to see the slide show of JJ’s latest victim up close and personal.

Also DO NOT CLICK HERE if you do not want to see the video of how the Bean disposed of said chipmunk.



  • love the shoes on your daughter!


  • In that first macro shot were you going in for mouth to mouth?

    Blow, Joey, Blow! Allllllllvin!

    To get my dog excited about a run in the backyard if it’s raining (she hates getting wet) I tell her “go get a squeaker!! Get a squeakar!” She then runs to the twelve places in the yard she has seen a chipmunk in the past three years and she pounces on each spot. She never actually has gotten close to a chipmunk and I think I actually hear chipmunk laughter while she is doing this pouncing but at least she gets some exercise without me getting wet.


  • ATTA BOY J.J.!!! keep up the good work


  • I tried not to look but glad I did…V. sad and yet I couldn’t help laughing.
    I find it sweet that you are creating such precious memories for your daughters to look back on!!


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