Thinking of Cezanne, from Deb Clarke

From, deb Clarke;

Here’s a quick recap of my Memorial Day on East Main.  Here are 2 pics:  one is my reference material looking down on Joey’s docks across to the State Fish Pier with the city and western shore in the far distance, with a bit of green in the sky caused by the Canadian woodfires’ haze. I’ve been thinking alot about Cezanne and how he made plane changes in his paintings.  Cezanne wanted to create a painting with the solidity of a sculpture.  He didn’t rely on a directed light to illuminate objects; instead, he emphasized the form and organization of the picture plane through the direction of his stroke and color changes.  The light  seems to come from ‘within Cezanne’s paintings’.    In my work in progress I’ve paid particular attention to the way planes meet.  My space is getting a bit wonkie, and I am very interested in the spot that is in the very center of my painting.

ps:  I will put work up on the wall as often as my time and weather permits!

Looking Down on Joey's Dock

Photo from the spot where looking down on joey's dock is being painted from

Deb's Wall of Art on East Main St.

Deb’s “Wall of Art” can be seen if your driving on East Main St. towards Bass Ave, on the right side of the road between Capt. Joe’s Lobsters (Joey’s place) and Zeke’s Restaurant.

Check out more of Deb’s Work by clicking the Link below.

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