Cut Out Stern on The Dog and I vs Setting Table On The Stanley Thomas

Johnny Doc Herrick has lobster traps all ready to launch off the stern as lobster season is getting under way.  If you notice the stern of the Dog and I is cut out level with the deck of the boat.  Some guys like open sterns and others have closed sterns on which they build setting tables.  The ones with setting tables like the Stanley Thomas slide the traps down the rail of the boat and set them off teh setting table.  the ones with the cut out sterns set the traps off of teh deck of the boat.

click the pic for the larger version




  • I think I’ve noticed that most have closed sterns. What is the advantage of the open stern — or is it really just personal preference? It would seem to me that the ones with the side tables could use a mechanical system to pull the pots up, thus saving shoulder surgery (to say the least). Care to enlighten me?


    • Most guys use mechanical hydraulic pot haulers. I used to think that the cut out stern was the way to go but then when i saw how guys can put the traps on angle and guide them right around the rail on the setting table I think its an easier way than having to lift the full weight of each trap in a cut off stern and place them on the deck.


  • Awesome pictures.


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