CBS Amazing Race 17 Start Gloucester Ma Drop off Bus With Blacked Out Windows And Staging Area

As promised we have more Amazing Race 17 coverage from the very start when the teams were let out of the bus.  If you click on the first pic it will enlarge to the full sized photo to get you right up close to the action.  The second pic is a version that will fit in your browser window when you click on it.

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As you can see when you click on the larger picture the name of the bus company is M&L Transit.  It looks as if the windows have a black layer of sheathing that is velcro over where the windows are the entire length of the bus.


In this second set of pictures the teams have disembarked the bus and are waiting to walk down the gangway to get on the lobster boats.  First hand accounts say that there were production people among the contestants reminding them to not talk among one another.  The contestants were not supposed to even speak to their respective teammates at this point.


Full size pic when you click on the one above- browser friendly pic when you click below



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