I Don’t Know if I’ll ever Get Used To It

A Beautiful Flat Calm Sea day and Boats Tied Up Because Of Quotas and Regulations.  When we were growing up and offloading boats the entire fleet would be untied from the dock with their nets in the water.

Different era it is I guess.



  • Kevin, aka 'kevinshoots'

    You’ll remember that this is what we talked about during my visit. I’m still trying to figure out why such a rich and centuries old tradition and heritage is vanishing.



  • Thank your government & enviromental groups Kevin. I’m gonna piss some people off here but I really don’t care. I feel so strongly about this. In Maine, the lobstermen had to turn all their rope in for sinkable rope. I know lobstermen up there that have said they never have seen a whale. As far as I’m concerened I hope I never see another whale. Yes GLOSTA, I will never go on another one of your whale watches or Maines for that fact. I’ve never seen a dinasaur , I’m still living. Point= if the whale becomes extinct oh well, I’ll live. Pretty cruel words huh. But when I hear a stupid asshole wants to sue a lobstermen because one whale got caught up in his ropes, that’s where I flip. I started hated whales when it started costing lobstermen money. As if the economy isn’t bad enough then they have to replace their rope. As for fisherman that whole story is pathetic. Whales, as cruel as this sounds, I couldn’t care less for. I could see that happening if a lot of whales were getting caught in ropes but when I hear these lobstermen tell me they have never seen a whale out where they are lobstering that is what brings on the anger. So Mr. Government & NOAA take your rules & shove them. Long live lobstermen & fishermen. IF YOU WILL LET THEM. Doesn’t look though that that is going to happen for the fisherman anyway. Only the big Fishing companys. Joey wrote an article about loosing the industry slowly & everyone punching in on a timeclok. I couldn’t of agreed with that better. The only difference is Joey puts things nice, when people hit my sore spot ( rules ) I just say what I feel. Sorry for those who love whales but I happen to love lobstermen & lobstering much more than whales.


  • P.S. That is a beautiful picture but as Kevin said, I’ll put in my words. Nice picture but sad for the reason they are all together. Let’s just all pray it doesn’t vanish. I guess it won’t for the big fishing business’s. They’ll just push the smaller boat out of the picture.


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