Meet The Lusters

Meet Marty and Barbara Luster and hear their story about how it came to be that they moved to Gloucester after 34 years in the same house in Ithaca NY

Welcome Home Marty and Barbara 🙂


  • Having moved from Ithaca, NY to Gloucester “sight-unseen” 8 years ago…welcome Lusters! I like your style!


  • It’s just a matter of time before word gets out about how great it is in Gloucester and all of Cape Ann.


  • Welcome, Marty and Barbara! I love your story and we are happy to have you!


  • Joey, very well done! I’m certain to run into the Lusters somewhere, sometime this summer…being able to approach them by name will be great. I’ll reference the blog video and it really makes Gloucester that much more special. Keep up the positive energy.


  • Thanks, all, for making my folks feel at home. This just confirms that they made the right decision.


  • Thanks to everyone for such a great welcome.We look forward to meeting all of you. Joey, although he will deny it (with good reason, as time will tell) played a major role in getting us here.
    Paul, the Yankees were never part of my life, the potholes are no worse than in NY, the license plates are now MA and I don’t heah any accent.


  • yo marty and barbara,

    finally got the sound up on this thing. fun interview, you both look well, no worse for the wear. having lived one block from the atlantic ocean for more than 11 years and directly onthe beach for 3 years before that, let me advise you that your hair will never be the same. lots of good luck,your sister


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