Lobster Gear For Sale $15 Per Trap

Some of our lobstermen have lobster gear for sale.  These traps are $15 each.  To replace these traps new with bridles on them and all it would cost about $55-60 per trap.  These are used traps that could use a little patching here and there but for the most part they are in fishable shape.  I’m not selling them but if you want to get a ten pot license and fish them you can get a hold of me and I can set you up with the fishermen to buy them directly.  If people are interested in getting commercial  or recreational licenses I provided the information and applications down below the pictures.

While these traps are only $15 each, other traps occasionally become available and they may be worth more or less depending on the condition of the traps.  Again, I have nothing to do with the sale except that I think it would be good to see more young people or families get involved with lobstering and enjoying the waterfront. You can email me at goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com if you want more info




I can get you set up with a recreational license also or a student license.


Click This Link For The Massachusetts Marine Fisheries Guide To Recreational Lobstering and Crabbing For More Info

Here is Where You Can Get A recreational Lobster Permit-

Recreational Lobster Permit

Here is Where You Can Get A Seasonal Student’s License-



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