Welcome To Gloucester Marty!

Back on October 3 Marty luster came to Gloucester with his son Brian, a Brooklynite who runs the fantastic water blog A Movable Bridge

Brian came to Gloucester with his dad Marty and attended the International Dory seaon wrap up party and dory raffle determined to win the dory.

Marty fell so in love with Gloucester after just one visit he determined he had to move here.

He landed the day before yesterday and I’m sure he is deep into unpacking boxes and all that goes with a big move. But i wanted to welcome him.

welcome welcome welcome!

Here’s some video from the night marty arrived in Gloucester which he probably didn’t know at the time but ended up being a huge crossroad in his life.

Marty has his own site as well as son Brian-
Here’s his site: http://www.photonewsservice.com/

And here’s the link to his pictures from Gloucester from the trip that made him decide to move there: http://www.photonewsservice.com/gallery/main.php?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=1310


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