Off Island: Fenway Park and Sausage King

To prove I’m not pulling a fast one:

That was an hour ago. But first I had to grab a Italian Sausage from Sausage King on Lansdowne:

Around the corner first big red umbrella on the right:

Yes, I’ll have that one 8 bucks.

After eating that and a short nap I can now miss my 2 PM post time by just ten minutes. (No I did not have tickets.) Back to the lab for me. My regular scalpers were up to 100 bucks for good seats. Too rich for my blood. Did everyone see Dice K pitch last night? Wicked Ahsome!


  • your 3rd picture is not of sausage king’s grill but of sausage connection 2nd stand down by game day ticket sales


    • Good grief I believe you are correct. I am far from Fenway but as soon as I can substantiate that the Sausage Connection is the dude in the sombrero wearing Jalapeño apron I will put in an editorial disclaimer noting my mistake.

      I got my sausage at Sausage King and then I pulled out the camera as I kept walking towards the Bleacher gate. I must have snapped some photos of Sausage Connection.

      I’ll go over there Monday before the Sox Mariners game. Maybe I need to purchase sausages from both and compare? Yeah, that’s the ticket. We at Good Morning Gloucester strive for complete accuracy and full reviews and I will go back and do my duty.


  • I just went through my photos from May 12 and cannot confirm but you must be right. I have a shot of a guy with “Sausage Connection” written on his back with a nice jalepeno on the glass next to him which matches that apron. It is a long shot down Lansdowne showing it to be the second cart with the first cart with an umbrella “Thirst Stops Here” which must be SKing. Here is a shot taken prior to my posted shot which must be the Sausage King cart:

    I think my food review on Monday (post will be Tuesday) will confirm my memory that both are pretty tasty.


  • Almost forgot:

    GO Sox! The Planets align and high tide, good pitching and Pedroia.


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