Seasonal Openings Part III

The list of what has opened is long so I am switching modes to only speak of Cape Ann eateries about to open or changes in hours as spring turns to summer. Speaking of summer, how do you like the summer weather? It only rains on Monday and Tuesday? Last year and 1986 it seemed like it only rained on Saturday and Sunday. No more of that. Hot and humid here on out.

The Cupboard: Latest rumors all point to the Cupboard Opening tomorrow, Thursday, May 6. Today is Cinco de Mayo but tomorrow is “Seis de Mayo por la almejas fritas”. Works for me. Please do not chase me down if they do not open on Thursday. Their Facebook page is requesting job applications. Unfortunately my daughter has another month of eighth grade.

They have to be open by Saturday and I will be there to get some onion rings and a fish sandwich. I just got my camera out of hock so I might even be able to take a photo instead of these blurry iPhone shots. (Sorry about that again Jerry Remy burger.)

The Rudder: I was all excited about reading in the Gloucester Daily Times yesterday that the Rudder was going to be open year round. But reviewing Joey’s interview of Jeanie Boland last fall after the renovation and using my keen reading comprehension on the GDT story I now realize they may be open only to private functions in the winter. We need to change that. Every time you eat there make sure you mention how much you want The Rudder to stay open year round. Duckworths can do it and so can the Rudder.

But for now, The Rudder is Thursday to Saturday open at 5PM then on June 17th they will be open all week through the summer.

Fun Fact: My brother Chris just told me he ran the raw bar at The Rudder in the 80s. So did he kill anyone off? 8)


  • I haven’t eaten at either restaurant yet, what are your recommendations for a first experience?


  • The Rudder I say the mussels as an appetizer are a must (has sausage and fennel omg it’s good) and as an entree the monkfish with the lemon sauce and capers has to be eaten to be believed.

    The calimari app and the baked haddock have been on my list for a while but I am too full to go on. Except for the crab cakes, always room for crab cakes. Anywhere else I order crab cakes and they never measure up to these.

    As for The Cupboard I admit I have never eaten there. It’s like admitting I am a Gloucester virgin, a tourist, or a nitwit who just never knew. Paul F will be by shortly to tell us exactly which one of those fits the bill.

    But I have been doing recon and asking questions like a cub reporter should. In no particular order I need to get the fish sandwich, onion rings (medium), fries, fried clams and a couple of soft serve with jimmies not the colored jimmies the one color brown jimmies.

    Do a search on GMG for “Cupboard” and check out Joey’s photos of the formica and the “Old Mother Hubbard” mural.


  • Fish sandwich with cheese at the cupboard along with some fries and a picnic on the grassy lawn looking out over the water suits me just fine! That’s where we’ll be tomorrow night! (If they actually open tomorrow.) 🙂


  • Tonight is the night!!
    Two large Fish Sandwiches on big buns please. You want cheese with that? Yes, please.


  • So is the Cupboard open? Their Facebook page says their hours changed recently and are now:

    Mon – Sun:
    11:00 am – 9:00 pm


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