Where’s the Buoy?

The road construction is done, now where’s the buoy that marks the intersection of Railroad, Maplewood and Prospect?

This isn’t the greatest picture, but I hope those construction barrels aren’t staying.

Anyone know the status?


  • GREAT question & one I’d love to have answered.

    No matter how many tulips we plant or bubbling bird baths stationed in the front yard, facing those atrocious orange barrels from 57 Prospect is such an eye sore. I’d take a bouy but how about a nice monument like the Joan of Arc statue or the war memorial in front of Connor’s pharmacy?

    And not to be a complainer here but…while I love the fact that Mason Street is FINALLY paved, whats the deal with all the torn up sidewalks – sad, shoddy job if DPW isn’t planning to return in the near future.


  • I dont think its finised yet.


  • It’s in the old Linsky’s Junk Yard on Sargent Street. I live close by and see it there every morning when I leave for work. That’s where Gioioso is storing their equipment for the project. It’s supposed to be put back when the project is complete.


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