Top Dog Lobster Roll

Top Dog Lobster Roll, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

As much as I heartily recommend y’all going to Top Dog on Bearskin Neck if you’ve read any of my rantings about lobster rolls then you know my take on what place lettuce or celery has on a lobster roll-none.

I’d ask for it “Joey-Style” and when they look at you with a puzzled look on their face because they’ll inevitably have no idea what “Joey-Style” means, tell them “without the lettuce- DUH!

We will forgive this minor transgression because everything else at this place was outstanding.


  • hi joey, i spend a bit of time in gloucester when i can, and my mother loves lobster(being a nova scotian) so where in gloucester is the best lobster roll?? or is it in rockport at top dog??

    love gloucester, and your blog. thanks very much!


  • Shut up and eat your vegetables, Joey! 🙂


  • Folly Cove Lobster Pool in Pigeon Cove Rockport has great lobster rolls.

    Lobsta Land also has great lobster rolls.


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