OK Joey breathe deep.

Just to get it out of the way right off the bat- no, I’m not joining Facebook.

I completely recognize that Facebook is taking over the intrawebs.  I am not a Facebook hater.  I can appreciate what a powerful communicating tool it is.  The idea of being able to find your old buddies from college or high school and other people that you’ve known or know and communicate with them so easily is something that appeals to me.  I’m the type of person that can never have too many friends.

It is precisely the reason that I know I will be completely engrossed in it that I won’t join.  We don’t want the blog to suffer now do we?

The reason for bringing this up is because I often get friend requests for Facebook and I don’t want folks to think that I don’t want to Facebook “Friend” them.  I just don’t have an account.  So don’t take it as a snub when you don’t see me pop up in your account if you’ve asked me to be your FB friend- it’s just that I’ve somehow resisted the whole thing.


  • Your such an Old Fart!
    I post a little on SpaceBook, Usually links to my GMG Posts when I think of it. I don’t need friends like you Joey. But there are some interesting groups on there. I stick to the Painting and Gloucester Groups and I’ll Request “Friends” or approve “friends” that have that same interest.
    I think it’s great for people who like to keep in touch with old friends and family. My wife keeps in touch with her NH Friends on there. So whatever Floats your Boat.


  • I’m with you on that one buddy.I would like a nickle for every person that asked me to join Facebook. There is nothing wrong with Facebook or the people that use it. I just don’t want to join.Thats all.


  • It is addicting especially with the iphone app.


  • I’m with you almost. I have a Facebook account but I only have family members out to first cousins and nephews on it. I just use it to keep track of family.

    LinkedIn is another matter. I love LinkedIn and Twitter.


  • Stay strong buddy….it was the stupidest thing I ever did…I have way too much crap on my computer as it is….

    After my 1st week on FB, a friend got hit, as did all of us who were his friends…what a mess! He’s finished with FB, and so am I.

    I love my friends, they can email or call me…that’s enough!


  • and, why does one want to be a FB friends with someone they really don’t care to be real friends with?


  • All I can say is I LOVE FB……I don’t Tweet but I do Facebook regularly. And I link my posts on my blog and GMG to FB as well!


  • Well, your wife can tell you that I am an addict, lol For me I love it to make playdates and find old friends. I don’t like talking on the phone, so fb’ing is what I do 🙂


  • No offence to Face Book,but more and more people are getting emails from friends and family on Face Book who are sending them emails that are not from them at all. Idenity theft seems to be easy on F.B. I used it for family and relatives over seas. But after 6 of these emails and learning DO NOT OPEN,no thank you. I think your blog is better anyhow Joey.
    Take care,Linda


  • Focus is good. Facebook destroys any semblance of focus, unless you have great restraint or some little app that limits your time on there.


  • I do have a FB page, but I only go up a couple of times a month and I’ve ~very~ careful about what go up on it. ShootingMyUniverse sucks up a lot of my time and besides, is my life so interesting that you need to know everytime I sneeze? Nah!


  • Everyone who claims they will never use Facebook are the same people who claimed they would never get a cell phone, 10 years ago. I was a hold out on both fronts but eventually all get assimilated.


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