Sister Felicia Makes Arancini Video For The Gloucester Daily Times

You can check out her recipe for this tasty dish that we grew up with by going to the Gloucester Daily Times Taste of the Times Website and clicking on her show titled Arancini

Click the picture to go to the Taste Of The Times Site and Find Her Video Titled Arancini


  • This is one of our family favorites. Everyone should really try this recipe so yummy! All my friend in Naples have tried Felicia’s recipe’s from the Gloucester Times website “taste of the times” and looking forward to trying the Arancini. Also looking forward to her next video. What a good brother posting this. Proud of you too (two of you)


  • I love these.. They are one of my favorites..will watch this video I thank you ….



  • My Grandmother used to make these all the time.Everything you make looks so good.


  • I have never had an arancini. (I am realizing what a deprived life I have had.) So we are going to try this.

    The one question I have about the recipe. Felicia used leftover bolognese as a filler. What is leftover bolognese? We’ve had bolognese at my house hundreds of times but I am pretty sure there have never been leftovers. How do you do that? Do I need to wait until my son goes back to college?


  • Paul, reserve 3 cups of Bplognese sauce, and add 1cup of defrosted frozen peas… then follow the recipe.My Bolognese sauce recipe will be posted soon!


  • Reserve three cups and put a padlock on the freezer where we hide it and my wife is the only one with the key.

    That would work.


    • LOL !!! Sorry I haven’t come up with a good recipie for keeping delicious food around for longer periods of time. When I do, I promise to share it!


  • I enjoyed the video; it looks so scrumptious, my tongue is hanging out. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m going to have to try this.


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