Off Island Red Sox Food

At least once a year one has to drive over the bridge and usually it’s a Red Sox game that will coax you over. That might not be a good time to go to Jerry Remy’s Grill because it will be packed. If you pay 500 dollars you can get right in before a game. Can you believe these annual passes are sold out? Crazy. But if you don’t go to the game it might be the time. Plenty of huge flat screens in the bar. Then there is the Remy Burger.

I forgot to take a picture until I was half way through.

Woah, a little mangled. Two bites and I had to switch to knife and fork as it was falling apart.

This bacon cheeseburger with a cajun kind of sauce is served on fried dough. If the hamburger won’t kill you the dough will. If you order it they also give you a massive amount of tasty fries without telling you. My advice, unless you have won a man versus food contest recently get two if not three people in on it. Or don’t eat the bun but the fried dough is really good.

When the World Cup is on this summer I might be in here at 6AM watching it live from South Africa. At least the weekday games.


  • So Paul are you saying that this gets your top insider tip of jointsto watch the game in that area.


  • For Sports Bars the Area has it in spades.
    1) Cask and Flagon
    2) GameOn
    3) Jerry Remy’s Grill

    Was it only four years ago when my lab spent quite a few hours in the basement of GameOn? I think it was. They were the first to go mega mega number of screens.

    The winner right now with food, big open room, and wicked big screens, is Remy. When I was eating that burger it was that golf tournament in Atlanta with Tiger Woods. I almost liked watching golf after an hour of all Tiger all the time on all screens.

    So for the World Cup, Remy is it. Soccer has to have twenty really big screens to make it entertaining. 8)


  • Thanks for the heads up. You could do a whole series of insider Fenway posts of where to hit up for the Cape Anner that is hitting a ball game in the Big City.


  • Rick and I are going in June thanks to a client. Also do not forget the ice cream in the helmet. Such fun


  • Soft Serve in the small Helmet is very important. I have a Wally who wears his in my office. If you lose yours and feel it is bad luck for the Red Sox the Dairy Train in Rockport sells soft serve in helmets. (At least they did, hopefully they still do.)


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