Summer Tourists, Some are not.

But Cape Ann is a tourist draw so if you don’t go with the flow you are missing out on some great fried clams, onion rings, and all sorts of other stuff to clog your arteries but what the hay it’s almost summer and winter is a long way away.

With that long intro, I want to know what seasonal restaurant is open. I love walking into a place that has been closed up all winter and the formica is all shined up and hopefully the fryolators are lubricated. Ice cream too, is there a better feeling than ordering that first mint chocolate chip from the Dairy Train in Rockport? (side note, my daughter was asking to go and I pretended to be deaf, not a real hard task, and I said “Scary Train?” and she repeated and I said “Scary Brain?” and we went on and on until she had to hit me over the head, anyway, Dairy Train is Scary Brain in our house.)

So what am I missing? I know some places are open and nobody told me. Stop that. I hate that.
So I want anyone who knows of a seasonal place that has opened or has posted the date at which they will open, send the info to me or post a reply and I will make a list and check it twice.

From my own personal ramblings I know that:
Top Dog: open
The Rudder : open Thursday-Saturday
Lobster Pool: open
Lobster Land (I mean Lobsta Land!): open
Top Siders: open (Oyster night is Tuesday night)
I’ve heard mention of this Cupboard at the end of the Boulevard and I will admit I have never eaten there. I’ve never played 18 holes of golf so sue me. But does anyone know when they might open?

Mail me or reply here, I will check it twice:


  • madfish opens on mothers day


  • Hey Paul, it’s called Lobsta Land.

    The Cupboard is a Gloucester institution and supposedly opens May 1st.


  • Good grief, I called it Lobster Land. The last time I visited Lobsta Land was 1981 but that mistake will be fixed soon.

    Got an e-mail from Top Siders, forgot them and Tuesdays are Oyster night. Hey, that’s tonight. I’m going early for some fresh oysters and some fried oysters and could I possibly fit in an Oysters Rockefeller? Maybe.


  • The Cupboard wasn’t open this weekend 5/1 and 5/2. Don’t know why. As for eating there? You can, and many do, but it’s really all about the ice cream and soft-serve and the waterfront breeze.


    • I thought for sure I saw someone had posted about the onion rings at the Cupboard. Or I am just dreaming of onion rings.

      I can dream about soft-serve too. With Jimmies or a chocolate coat.



    Latest word on Capeannonline: The Cupboard was not open but hopes to be open on Thursday, May 6.


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