• I have the book Joey, but to see all the history on these vids is amazing. Thank you, thank you so much for posting.


  • Ron Gilson knows his stuff, that’s for sure..
    Please do a few more of these interviews with Ron, Joey. And Ron…Please get back to updating your blog…I miss it.


  • Hi starsquiggle: After a long hiatus from writing blogs, it’s time I got “back on the stick” and write a few cautionary pieces on the direction of our local fisheries and where they are going at the hands of our notorious NOAA, i.e., National Marine Fisheries located in their Taj Mahal high above the city….big government is putting our famous fishing industry out of business. If it wasn’t for the Times and Richard Gaines with his comprehensive coverage of this national fisheries debacle, the industry would just fade away. This current administration and the previous one have together orchestrated the demise of one of the oldest professions known to man. If ever we need a reason to throw the bums out in November, we need only to look at great Great Republic Drive in Blackburn Industrial Park where NOAA sits. The people of Gloucester, above all, must respond to this human tragedy. Ron Gilson


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