Couldn’t Resist!!

Well it’s been a while since my mac has been down so I decided to spring for the iPad. I tell you, this is a slick little device. Although it has some short comings, it is a blast to use. Looks like I’ll be back on the blog as soon as everything is setup.


  • I like your “Idope” photo on your Ipad, Mike!


  • May I suggest that you get yourself a post by email address from the wordress help section. I showed Paul how to do it last weekend and now he is a believer.

    It is so freaking easy to do and I post all the time to the email address that wordpress generated for me.

    You can select a photo that is on your ipad and select email photo and once you have the wordpress generated email address saved in your address book you just email the photo to that email address, put your title of the post in the subject line of the email and presto, you can post from anywhere you have a wifi connection.

    I’ve tried to get Thom Falzorano to do it as he went to all those ball games and at the end of the games he could snap a photo of the scoreboard and email the picture of the final score in as a post and be the first one to report it at the end of the game on his iphone.

    Maybe I’ll hold a GMG workshop when I get back into town.

    congrats on the purchase. I’m looking forward to you bringing it down so I can check it out!


  • How cool that it came with a Joey app!


  • I was eating my breakfast this morning and checking out GMG, as I so often do, and what do I see? This looks like my photo fromwhen I met Joey.


  • christine woodring

    I note that your father is named Horace Lindbergh. Although I am not a descendant of the Lindberghs, I am related by marriage. Distant cousins! I have beautiful old photographs passed down to me of the Lindberghs. I hope to return them someday! Christine Woodring


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