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Is Everyone Warm and Dry?

How bout some stories in the comments of this post as to how all my peeps are holding up in this latest round of rain.

I follow Matt Noyes on Twitter and he had been harping all week about the severity of the flooding from this latest deluge. He pretty much nailed it. Gotta give the man credit.

Our Lady of Good Voyage submitted to The GMG Flickr Group Pool by Cathy Tarr

Cathy Writes-

There is so much to see from this view – the lights reflecting on the water, the houses on the hills in East Gloucester, the steeples of Our Lady of Good Voyage Church and Our Lady herself, watching over the city.

Our Lady of Good Voyage, originally uploaded by ~ cathy ~.

Cherylann Parker Day at Five Guys Burger and Fries

Join us for…

Cherylann Parker Day at


Franchised by: G.F. Vasey Holdings, LLC

Located in the Gloucester Crossing Plaza.

(Black Burn Circle)


On Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From 12:00 noon to 8:00pm

10% of the sales generated by the participants during the Feature Day will go directly to the Cherylann Parker Fund. The Franchise will match the funds up to $500!

This flyer must be presented at the time of the sale.

One flyer per transaction required.  Flyer is only valid during the specified date, times and location.

Help support Cherylann!! Stop by for some good food and

fun raffles!!

Please note: Five Guys serves whole shelled peanuts and uses peanut oil.


Organized by the

Veterans’ Memorial PTO

Recently Added To The GMG Upcoming Events Calendar

Just added the dates for this year’s Block Parties-  make note, there is an all day Block Party the Day of August 8, 2010 from 1PM-11PM.  It coincides with the Gloucester Triathlon.  That is going to be a serious celebration.   If you are planning to have relatives come in for one weekend during the summer I suggest that one.  It should be a blast.

Day of Week Date Times Theme Rain Date
June 19, 2010
6pm – 11pm
Pirates’ Faire
June 20, 2010
July 17, 2010
6pm – 11pm
July 24, 2010
August 8, 2010
1pm – 11pm
August 21, 2010
6pm – 11pm
Clean Harbor Swim
Sept 3, 2010
6pm – 11pm
Schooner Festival
Sept 5, 2010

Also added the One Hour At A Time Date For This weekend.
You can access the Block Party Website here for more info
You can access the GMG Upcoming Events Calendar at the tab along the top of this page or also by clicking here

One Hour At A Time Gang Clean Up This Saturday

A bunch of folks met each Saturday morning last year to spend a little time outdoors and clean up City Streets that could use a little trash pick up.  Our very own very good buddy Donna Ardizzoni fills folks in on where to meet and everyone sets off to clean up a certain section of the City each Saturday morning.  It only takes an hour or two of time but you get out in the fresh air, meet like minded folks that love our city and feel great about what you’ve done afterward.

From Donna Ardizzoni-

Hi All:

Hope all had a great weekend and are dry….

When:                                  Saturday:             April 3, 2010 8:00AM

Where:                                 Meet at St. Peter’s Square

What to do:                        I think we should go down Main and Rogers and also some of the Boulevard..  especially if we have some brooms, shovels, etc.                                                        Due to the weather coming in, we need to clean as much as we can especially on the streets and near the Tavern.

Thanks to all and please pass the word..  we will make this city shine…  and show how beautiful it is

I will bring the bags from the DPW…

Stay dry…..


Sandy Bay Storm submitted to the GMG Flickr Group by Thomas Philbrook

Thomas Writes-

Another stitched-together series of shots from our 3rd floor perch over Front Beach & Sandy Bay in Rockport, MA. One of those wild summer thunderstorms — brief but intense.

Sandy Bay Storm, originally uploaded by Thomas Philbrook.