I’m looking for any GMG Photogs or followers that can share some Tips on Photographing Paintings.

Are there any Artists that would like to share some Tips?

I’m sure there are others out there that would benefit from your help.

So far taking photos outside in indirect sunlight worked best, but the photo tends to be on the Blue side.

I never seem to get the colors right. or I get too much glare. I’m not Photoshop literate so all help will be appreciated.

Thanks, Paul

Miss Sonya outside photo trial


  • it’s all about your white balance setting. you may need to use custom white balance!


  • I have always relied on “bright” shade. I realize this sounds like a contradiction – but there is such a thing.
    Sometimes a little “bump” of extra light of actual sun relected off of a white card is helpfull.
    I would use a 24 x 36 sheet of foam core as the “reflector”.
    With a bit of level adjustment in Photoshop you can get true color with no “hot” spots. Good Luck


  • Paulie,
    Get yourself a greycard. This way you can select proper grey balance in Photoshop with one click. This will remove any color cast. Unless you want it for some reason!!


  • Thanks Guys I’ll give them all a try.
    Thanks for the help!


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