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Breakfast with Joey? What the Winners can expect-

Joey’s a great Guy always giving up his free time for a good cause. Such as this Friday’s auction for the East Gloucester Elementary School. He’s agreed to be a “prize”. You can win Breakfast with him at Sailor Stans!

This probably sounded like a great idea:  Having Breakfast with Joey of GMG.

Just think of all the great conversation you could have with someone so connected to this great City!

But the winners are in for a surprise. I know from experience that joey does’nt talk much when he’s eating. Also watch your fingers when reaching for the last piece of Bacon. It could be a big mistake.

But there is a good side to this story. You can have a great breakfast at Sailor Stans;


Your going to need it.

 Edited by Joey-

I took out a disgusting video that mr bananahead decided to post.  Damn it Paulie.  I just finished dinner and am thoughrouly grossed out by I just witnessed.  I normally have a pretty strong stomach but I honestly feel sick to my stomach right now.

“YEAH RIGHT! This from the Guy who sponsored the Infamous CORN DOG Challenge.” 

Mr. Bananahead

Now Accepting Nominations For Wellspring Cape Ann Families Community Appreciation Awards

Now Accepting Nominations for

Wellspring Cape Ann Families Community Appreciation Awards

Child-of-the-Year, Parent-of-the-Year or  Family-Supporter of the Year!

Do you know a child, parent or community member who has made a difference or added to the community in a special way?

Consider nominating them as a “Child-of-the-Year”, “Parent-of-the-Year” or “Family-Supporter-of-the-Year!”

Wellspring Cape Ann Families is now accepting nominations for the 14th Annual Community Appreciation Awards and will recognize those children, parents and family supporters who have made a difference and contributed to their families or the community in a special way.  The awards ceremony will be held Sunday, April 25th at 3:00pm at Cruiseport, Gloucester.

Nominations are being accepted in three distinct award categories: Child of the Year (with three age categories), Parent of the Year, and Family Supporter of the Year.

These awards are named in memory of Howard Blackburn, (1859-1932), a local fisherman who invested in the community of Gloucester and recognized the need for interdependence to sustain a thriving community- A hero who strengthened family life on Cape Ann.

Anyone is eligible to nominate. Past winners have included teachers, school nurses, day-care providers, along with children and adults from Cape Ann and the North Shore.

Nomination forms are due by April 5, 2010. For more information, or to request a nomination form please call Courtney Karcher at (978) 281-7856 ext. 3, or e-mail or go to to download.

Thank you to Sarah Grow for sending this along.

Things To Do- Explore Your Creativity Mosaic Workshops With Pam Stratton

This piece won best in show in the contributing members show and is on display at the Rockport Art Association until April 25th

Introduction to Smalti Workshop

April 18th from 9 o 5

Learn to work with the beautifully colored glass seen in the mosaics of the great cathedrals throughout the world. We will focus on the fundamentals of cutting smalti using nippers to create a vibrant, colorful 6”x6” mosaic. Materials and a choice of designs will be provided to allow you to use your newly acquired techniques and skills.

Limited to 8 people.    $150.00

Introduction to Mosaics Workshop

May 9th 9 to 5 and May 16th from 9 to 12

We will discuss the four elements of mosaics: tessera, adhesives, substrates, and grout.  Bring with you a 10″ by 10″ drawing that you would like to create in mosaic.   Some designs will be available if you do not have a plan of your own.  I will provide colored vitreous glass and ceramic tile.

You may incorporate materials of your own; broken pottery, beach glass, shells, minerals or other personal treasures.   Limited to 8 people.    $150.00 978 546-7582

Block Party 2010 Schedule

Although I had to step down from The Block Party Committee due to having way too much stuff going on I will still be promoting the hell out of it as I see it as one of the best events our community puts together.

The Dates for this year’s Block Parties are as follows-

June 19    Saturday
Rain Date:
June 20 (Sunday)

July 17    Saturday
Rain Date: July 24  (Saturday)

August 8    Sunday (1p-11p)
No Rain Date

August 21  Saturday
No Rain Date

September 3    Friday
Rain Date  September 5

For more Block Party Info Check Out the Block Party Site

The Building of a Home Show morning photos

Judy Caulkett & Bob Hastings

The GHS field house was transforming from a gymnasium to a convention center this morning.  Judy Caulkett – Program Manager & Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Bob Hastings, were on hand to oversee the buildout of the show floor.

On hand this morning starting the set up: ASI Associates, Event Co., House Doctors, Jerry Nobel Electricians  & Roy Spittle Electric.

GHS Electrical Shop lending a hand

The Plan

More photos this afternoon!


I’m looking for any GMG Photogs or followers that can share some Tips on Photographing Paintings.

Are there any Artists that would like to share some Tips?

I’m sure there are others out there that would benefit from your help.

So far taking photos outside in indirect sunlight worked best, but the photo tends to be on the Blue side.

I never seem to get the colors right. or I get too much glare. I’m not Photoshop literate so all help will be appreciated.

Thanks, Paul

Miss Sonya outside photo trial

RECYCLING DAY – Electronics, Appliances & Small Engine items

From Rick Doucette

RECYCLING DAY – Electronics, Appliances & Small Engine items

Saturday, March 27 from 10:00am -4:00pm
Gloucester High School – outside Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Home & Garden Show


The following items will be accepted:
Televisions (up to 35″), Computer Monitors, Word Processors, Car Stereos, Projectors, Microwave Ovens, Video Machines, Coffee Makers, Space Heaters, Typewriters, Toasters/Toaster Ovens, Generators, Scanners, Floppy Drives, CB Radios, Disk Drives & CD ROMs, Copiers & Printers, Portable Radios, Cables, Cameras, Stereo Equipment, VCRs, Palm Pilots, Record Players, Vacuums, UPS/Battery Back Up, Safes (12″ – 24″), Cassette Players, Camcorders, Modems, Satellite Dish Receivers, Surveillance Equipment, Surge Protectors, Video Games, Circuit Boards, 8-Tracks (Reel to Reel Tape), Fax Machines, Humidifiers, Keyboards, Laptops, Cassette Players, Can Openers, Cell Phones, Test Equipment, Telephones, Personal/Home Shredders, Electrical Panels, Speakers (set), Keyboards & Mice, Oscilloscopes,
Lawn Mowers, Weed Whackers, Refrigerators, Stoves, Washer/Dryers, Dishwashers, Chain Saws, Leaf Blowers, Generators, Air Conditioners, Robots (evil or otherwise)

Fluids must be drained from small engine items – Freon OK for appliances

SORRY, but we cannot accept: Propane Tanks, Tires, Waste Oil, Hazardous Waste and/or other non-electric items

Drop off your items, with the following donation amounts:

Desk/Garage Clutter: $ 5 all that you can fit in a milk crate
Garage Clutter: $ 5 per item that doesn’t fit in a milk
crate (vacuums, etc)
Larger Appliances: $ 15 Fridge, freezer, dishwasher,
washer/dryer, etc
TVs and monitors: $ 20 per item
The Whole Shebang $ 30 Carload/Truckload (appliances, TVs
& Monitors excluded

Meet Gloucester Daily Times Food Columnist Heather Atwood

Heather also contributes to

Click on the video and let it load by pausing and letting the red line fill along the bottom before resuming play for smoother playback.

Check out Heather’s Blog

Gloucester Early 1900’s Post Cards

Post Cards of Gloucester in early 1900’s from a friend’s Private Collection.  The collection is a treasure of over 600 post cards ranging from 1905 – 1960’s.  I am capturing them electronically (scanning) to preserve the images.

I selected a few that you might enjoy.