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Michelle DelVecchio Talks East Gloucester Elementary School Auction

Michelle Delvecchio talks about the East Gloucester Elementary School Auction and also what it means to live here and what she loves about our community.

Check out the East Gloucester School Elementary School Auction Website By Clicking This Text

Catered By Duckworth Beach Gourmet

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Donna Ardizzoni Has A Message For People Who Litter

Donna Writes-

As a member of The One Hour at a Time Gang (we try on Saturday mornings to clean the streets and beaches), I must say the cigarette butts are disgusting.

The city needs to fine people for throwing this litter on our streets.

Could it be that smokers who throw cigarettes out of windows and on streets not know that is littering — just like throwing a coffee cup out onto the streets and onto our beaches? As we clean, most of the litter is cigarette butts.

Please smokers, think before you throw them on the ground.

Our environment and city will thank you.

Thanks and take care

Donna Ardizzoni

Chickity Check It! -Dena Raffa’s The Perfect Bite

Last night at the Taste of The Times Event I met Dena Raffa, a blogger who created The Perfect Bite which is a restaurant review blog which focuses on Boston area restaurants.  Dena reviews Boston area restaurants in depth.  She breaks it all down for you first starting out with the Bread, Menu, Presentation, Bathrooms, Waitstaff, Overall Impressions and The Perfect Bite.

If you are heading into town and are looking for a good review, Chickity Check It!- The Perfect Bite

“Tell Inn” Storytelling Series at Inn Magnolia.

Tell Inn

Sunday, March 28, 4-6 pm

Inn Magnolia

18 Norman Ave

Gloucester, MA 01930


Suggested donation: $4

Tell Inn #2 will feature storytellers:

Tony Toledo

Alicia Quintano

Andrea Lovett

Laura Lovett


Leigh Calabrese on her singing saw.

Come with a story of your own (under 5 minutes) and participate in our “Magic Hat” storytelling open mic.

Tony Toledo has been paying the rent with his mouth since 1990. Kids at elementary schools, libraries, and festivals all yell for more stories.  Tony adds sign language to some of his stories since his wife is deaf. They live on a massive tenth of an acre estate with just room enough for his wife’s basil, his books and their Corn Museum . Tony is 52 years old but reads at a 67 year old level. He also hosts SPEAK UP! Spoken Word Open Mike every Wednesday evening in Lynn , MA , which has been going strong for two years.

Alicia Quintano has traveled to 38 states telling stories in theaters, universities, coffeehouses, and on the radio.  New England appearances include Gloucester Stage Company, Passim’s, and First Night Boston.

Andrea Lovett was born talking and telling tales but has been telling  professionally since 1992. She tells to audiences of all ages on all stages. She is the co-founder of MassMouth and the ever growing  series of story slams located in both downtown Boston and Cambridge .  On the 28th of March she’ll be telling personal stories with lots of  humor tucked in.

Laura Lovett is an author and storyteller. She has two novels in progress, has had work published in magazines and has had works read on radio. She’s currently a student at UMass Amherst.

With her singing saw in tow, over the years Leigh Calabrese has been humbled to perform with artists including What Time Is It Mr. Fox?, The Sob Sisters, Sukey Tawdry,  Beat Circus, The Burlesque Revival Association, and (of course) as part of the soundtrack to countless haunted houses. And yes, it does cut wood.

For more information, please contact Amanda Nash,, 978-525-3642

Kenny MacCarthy Submits His Refrigerator Bio

Debbie Clarke submitted her refrigerator bio and asked GMG readers to create theiiir own refrigerator bios by turning their cameras on their refrigerators and telling the story through what you may have stuck to it.

Here’s Kenny MacCarthy’s-

Kenny runs Blynman Watch, also now known as Chickity Check It!

Things To Do- Gloucester Pride Stride April 25,2010

The Pride Stride will be entering it’s 23rd year this coming April 25th.

Dennis Acker writes in-

Good morning,
We are hoping to be listed with the Upcoming Events on your site. The 23rd Annual Pride Stride Walk is Sunday April 25, 2010 at Stage Fort Park. We are encouraging Cape Ann Non-Profits to register and recruit walkers to help raise money for their Non-Profit.
Thank you
The Gloucester Pride Stride Board of Directors

Here’s a link to The Pride Stride Website for more details on how you can get involved

From the website-

The 23rd Annual Gloucester Pride Stride Walk will begin at noon on Sunday April 25, 2010 at Stage Fort Park. The 5 mile walk will start and finish at Stage Fort Park, while enjoying scenic views of the Boulevard, Rogers Street, State Fish Pier, Main Street, Boulevard. We look forward to your participation on behalf of your favorite Cape Ann Non-Profit.  We will begin collecting pledges at 10:00AM in the Visitor Center.  If you are unable to join us on the 25th, you can still collect pledges for your Cape Ann Non-Profit and bring them to Becky Sumner at The First National Bank of Ipswich in the Walgreens Plaza, mail them to us, or a donation may be made to the Gloucester Pride Stride Committee to help defray the costs of the annual walk.

Heather Atwood and Lenny Linquata Tape The 100th Episode Of The Gloucester Daily Times Taste of The Times

Last night The Gloucester Daily Times held it’s 100th taping of it’s Taste of The Times Food Show at Cruiseport Gloucester.  My buddy and new GMG contributor Joe Langhan asked me to go and I didn’t know if I would be able to make it but my sister Felicia was going to be there and things just happened to fall into place to allow me to make it.  I expected there to be about 30-40 people there but when I pulled up there was a capacity crowd of about 250. 


It was a great night for several reasons- I got to meet a lot of the people from the Times that I email with often but never had met face to face along with many friends and fans of the blog that I’d never met in person.  There was a ton of food there.  I mean a TON but even though I hadn’t eaten beforehand I only sampled a few excellent pieces of sushi from Lat 43 and a small cup of the new Folly Cove rum from Ryan and Wood Distillery. I was starving but meeting new people will always trump hunger.  Making friends to me is what life is all about.