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Friday Night! East Gloucester Elementary Auction For The Arts

This is not to be missed.  there are many fantastic prizes to be had.

Now if you click on the Upcoming events tab at the top of the blog you will be able to access the GMG Community Calendar in which you will find all the details about the event.  If you have a community event coming up, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can add it and share it.

Nordstrom Cafe Bistro

Every time we go to Nordstrom Cafe Bistro we have an outstanding experience.  There’s hardly ever anyone in there which must be due to its tucked away location but it is fantastic in every detail.  The service is always great, the food tasty, fresh and prepared perfectly and the prices are reasonable. Last night our server John was super kind and efficient and that has been my experience with each and every one of the staff here.  I know it isn’t all that trendy to recommend a place that is a chain of sorts but this food and service and room are worth a visit.  I promise you will not be disappointed.

To view the slide show click here

View Nordstrom Cafe Bistro

Ken Duckworth Prepares Line Caught Gloucester Cod on Taste of the Times

Click the picture to watch Ken Duckworth of Duckworth's Bistrot and Duckworth Beach Gourmet prepare a remarkably easy gourmet dish.

Ken explains that he does not just cook, he composes a meal based on contrasting flavors in order to fully engage your taste buds. Whenever possible he also uses ingredients that are from local waters and farms. In this recipe he utilizes a line caught cod from a Gloucester fisherman and makes a celery root puree similar to mashed potatoes.”]<a href=”

Things To Do- The Rotary’s An Evening To Remember Event

From Ruth Pino-

There’s still time to get tickets to Evening to Remember.

The Rotary Club of Gloucester presents “An Evening to Remember” starring, in concert, local legends Linda Amero, Vito Calomo and Tony Verga, with piano accompaniment by Ferdinando Argenti, plus the Big Band Music of the Gloucester High School Docksiders.

Proceeds from the event will be shared with the Docksiders for their upcoming trip to Hawaii and be used to fund other Rotary Programs.  The Club continues to maintain the Stage Fort Park Playground and Bandstand as well as fund several scholarships at Gloucester High School, purchases books annually for the Sawyer Free Children’s’ Library and makes donations to several community organizations.

Hosted by Cruiseport Gloucester, the event takes place on March 25, 2010 and the doors will open at 6:30 pm.  Show begins at 7:00 pm. Tickets are $25 and are available from Ruth Pino at 978-865-1232 or at the Chamber of Commerce at 33 Commercial Street in Gloucester.

Please consider attending this wonderful event.  The Rotary Club of Gloucester has a proud history of funding community projects and this fundraiser will help us to continue those good works

Criticism, Can YOU Take It?!

From Debbie Clarke;

Criticism can be a scarey thing for an artist to take, yet this is the way we learn our trade, our craft. 
Just a few days ago an artist friend responded to the demonstrations that appeared here on GMG.  “What bothers me,”  she said, “is the Sharpie.”  I laughed and said:  “The erased sharpie?”  she said  “no, leaving the sharpie, it is not permanent.”  I smiled and said:  “Oh, that. it doesn’t bother me.  if the sharpie pigment detaches, so what? I don’t care if it is permanent.  (is anything ever permanent? no. truly, truly archival? no. why? time. change. impermanence says the buddha.)
“No statue has ever been put up to a critic.”
    Jean Sibelius, composer 
He got his fare share of criticism, yet the Finns put up a monument to his musical genius! and now they critique the sculpture, some even call it ugly!


Read Debbie’s Additional Thoughts on Art Criticism by clicking the link Below;

Snoop Maddie Mad Eats Bread That Is Supposed To Be Fed To The Geese

Well I got home from work relatively early the other day and when I popped in the door Snoop Maddie Mad ran up to me as she usually does (unless she is distracted by a riveting episode of Dora the Explorer) and asked if we could go feed the geese in the back yard.  “Of course” I proclaimed and off we went with a bag of bread that I thought the Mrs pulled out of the pantry.

Well come to find out it was weeks old bread that her uncle gets free to feed the ducks and geese.  I didn’t see any mold on it and it didn’t seem to bother her as she was tearing right through that bread I tell ya.

Oh yeah, parent of the year award, here I come!

East Gloucester Elementary School Auction Friday Night

I donated breakfast with me and on me at Sailor Stan’s as an auction item (I know, not that exciting, right?)
Come on out and bid it’s sure to be a great night and how can you beat it when you have the food being done by Duckworth Beach Gourmet?

from Marty Del Vecchio via Cape Ann Online-

The East Gloucester Elementary PTO is holding an “Auction for the Arts” on Friday, March 26th at 7:00p, at Cruiseport in Gloucester.

East Gloucester is lucky to have Ed Touchette, a truly wonderful art teacher.  He is unlucky enough to have no dedicated art room, and to get by on less than $3 per student per year.  The proceeds from this auction will help in both regards.

The evening will feature appetizers provided by Duckworth Beach Gourmet, a cash bar, and dance music by Wheelhouse.  Bidding for silent auction items will commence immediately, with select items presented in a live auction at approximately 8:00p.

Please check our blog for page at for more details.
Here’s one of the featured items-

Vintage School Chairs Decorated By Each Classroom

Also here is a list of other items up for Auction

Chamber of Commerce Home and Garden Preview With Ed Collard

Ed Collard gives GMG viewers the inside skinny on what they can expect to see at this weekend’s Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Home and Garden Show-

Ed says “If you live in a home there’s something for you there”