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An immigrant boy makes Gloucester his home again

immigrant boy March 23rd 1954, this immigrant boy arrived in Gloucester, and made it his home.  

Fourteen years later he crossed the bridge and created a new life.  Forty Years later he returned to make Gloucester his home again.   His parents made many sacrifices to allow him that choice, just like many parents in Gloucester’s history did for their children.  

On this anniversary of our arrival, thank you Mom and Dad (Anibal and Adelina Simoes)

This story has been repeated many times, and I would love to hear more in the comments.

Learn to Crochet with Leslie Wind!

Learn to Crochet with Leslie Wind!

Basic Crochet with Not So Basic Results
Using the simplest of crochet stitches and odds and ends of yarn it is possible to
see results worthy of gift giving in an evening!

Come Join Local Artist Leslie Wind as she will run a 2 hour workshop for all levels of crochet.

Instructor: Leslie Wind

March 31st


Ages 16 & Up

Fee: Member $15

Community: $22

Pre Registration is recommended

Katy Milne | Youth & Sports Director
Cape Ann YMCA

71 Middle Street | Gloucester, MA 01930
(M) 978-283-0470             978-283-0470      ext. 1714 | (F) 978-283-3114 |

Pimp!- Panther Lamp at Bananas

Sabine at Bananas tells me that back in the day when people first started having televisions in their homes the press was telling people that they needed to have a light on in the room or they would go blind watching tv in the dark.  So most people had some type of lamp on top of their big ol’ tv sets.  She says the panther lamp was a very popular lamp to have.



Knitting at the Cape Ann Brewery / Matteo Russo Fund Raiser

Knitting Seaman Scarves and raising money for the children of Matteo Russo, a Gloucester fisherman who was lost at sea, in January 2009.

Organized by Kathleen Valentine and designer of the seaman’s scarves.

see Video