Fontana Family Preparing for St Joseph Feast

I found my way to Mrs Fontana’s home last night to watch her family continue the tradition of the Feast of St Joseph.  She is a very special lady, shared with me the  tradition, gave  me a bag of goodies to take home.

See brief video of the preperation.



    I’d never seen the pasta all laid out on the bed like that. What a beautiful beautiful altar. So lucky to have people keeping up traditions year after year. A beautiful video, a beautiful family, a beautiful tradition.

    Great work Manny!


  • that is great! so lucky to have a beautiful family


  • This is just beautiful. I love these traditions. I’m not Italian but my father was a carpenter. There was a statue of St. Joseph in our kitchen and my father always took St. Joseph Day off from work because St. Joseph is the patron saint of carpenters.

    Thanks for a great video.


  • What a great video and story! I feel like I am missing out on something really special not being Italian! It was great to have a look inside–thank you!


  • Just to clairfy this video. My Aunt Name is FONTANA.


  • My sincerest apologies on teh name, Vito thank you for the correction.
    She is a great lady.


  • The videos brought back memories of my Aunt Vincie Millitello (Aunt Fee Fee)
    We could skip school on St. Joseph’s Day and what a feast. My Uncle Mike would fry fish and with my Aunt Fee Fee they would make the St. Joseph’s Pasta. for nine days we would go to her house and say the rosary in Italian and sing all the songs. My favorite song (and my Uncle Mikes) was Bella Luna which means beautiful moon. What happy memories these beautiful videos and stories have brought me
    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
    Joey’s mom


  • Oh my, what a beautiful altar. Thanks so much for posting. I have to agree with Laurie. It is so awesome to see the preparation. We wouldn’t even know about what goes on if it wasn’t for people taking video & bringing them to us. Nice to see.


  • St. Joseph’s Day brings back many memories of staying with Aunt Felicia (Joey’s grandmother) We used to make the pasta and hang it on the clothes lines and racks in the basement. And the bread — Snip the dough with a sissors and it would form 4 peaks -We would visit several shrines in town during the week then have our own feast at home. I can taste it all now……Glad families are still following the tradition. This is the real Gloucester. Thanks for sharing in this blog.


    • My sister Felicia had a celebration at her house last night but we had a fundraiser for The Bean’s School last night. it was good to see Megan there! I hope she told you I said to say Hi!


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