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New Moon

I’m in Wayland right now so viewing this new moon through pine trees. Somebody with a camera has to run down to the fort or the lighthouse and take a photo of this new moon as it sets. You have an hour or so unless you get real crazy and catch it as it sets at 9:05PM.

The moon and the sun do this dance so that in the spring the fingernail of the new moon is not tipped all that much. Fill it up and it might start pouring from the left hand side but just barely. Check it out. And take a pic and post.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day all. “We have planted our peas so you can now drink green beer” – Albert Camus.

GHS Girls Basketball

L to R Front: Coach M. Cole, Coach J Flanagan Back: Angela Rallo, Sam Saputo, Mary Unis, Liv Lufkin and Helena Keefe

The 2009/2010 GHS Girls Basketball celebrated the success of their season with a year end banquet at Cruiseport Tuesday night.

The Team finished the season with a  10 – 9 record which put them in the MIAA playoffs.

The following awards were presented by Coach John Flanagan and Coach Mark Cole.

Coaches Award: Angela Rallo

Scholarship Award: Olivia Lufkin

Scott Hughes Award: Heather Cain

NEC AllStar Team: Olivia Lufkin, Audrey Knowlton, Hannah Cain and Heather Cain

Graduating Seniors: Helena Keefe, Olivia Lufkin, Angela Rallo, Sam Suputo and Mary Unis

Good Luck to the seniors!

!!!!GO GHS!!!!!

Saturday’s Spring Fling Craft Fair from 10a-4p at O’Maley School


I am hoping you can help get the word out about this Saturday’s Spring Fling Craft Fair from 10a-4p at O’Maley School.  The flyer is attached.

The purpose of the event is to raise funds to provide handicapped accessibility for Cherylann Parker, the Veterans’ principal who was seriously injured in a fall.

Well over 100 craft vendors are participating and the elementary school PTOs are providing fun (and affordable!) craft activities such as sand art, making magnets, etc.  The O’Maley PTO is providing yummy food and snacks!  It is terrific that all the PTOs are coming together to help pull off this event.

So come on down to O’Maley on March 20 and show your support.  It promises to be a great time!!!  -From Erika Hansen

springfling, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

The Bean and Snoop Maddie Mad’s Easter Grass Project At Tee Tee’s House

Sammi, Bj and Amanda all plant Easter basket grass at sister Felicia’s this weekend.  Today Joe Langhan and Gianni Gallo will be shooting another round of cooking shows at Felicia’s house.  That place is a whirlwind of activity I tell ya.

Fun City

Cousin BJ Hamming It Up

Cousin Amandacakes Tennis Superstar!

The Finished Product

Chickity Check It! Dan Kennedy Covers The Storm For Media Nation

FOB(friend of the blog) Jerry Ackerman sent me a link to some great video footage of the Northeaster from Blogger Dan Kennedy.  What a difference a day makes as his video was shot during the storm.  I’m wondering how he kept his camera from being completely encrusted in salt while taking this video-

Check out Dan Kennedy’s Media Nation and his slide show from the Northeaster as well by clicking this link to Media Nation

David Cox Shooting After The Storm on The Back Shore

For lunch yesterday my buddy David Cox and I went down to the Back Shore to catch some of the beautiful scenery for our viewers.  I’m guessing David was up all last night editing his stuff as he normally does.  Here’s David doing what he loves most-

Hi Def Video Of The Back Shore The Day After The March Northeaster

We have many folks that have moved away to other parts of the country or simply just love Gloucester and come to check in here at Good Morning Gloucester to get their daily fix.  For those of you who miss the ocean you don’t get much more of a spectacular ocean scene than the one yesterday with the heavy surf and pristine sky the day after a weekend long Northeaster.

Click the picture for the video below and to watch with smooth playback pause the video once it starts playing and let the video load the red line at the bottom before pressing the play button again to resume without having to rebuffer.