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From City Councilor Exraodinnaire And Most Excellent Person- The Wonderful, Thoughtful,Hard Working,City Loving, Jackie Hardy!

Hi Joey,
Hope family is well.
As you may have seen in today’s GDT the City is in the process of putting their new website together and we are looking for some nice photos of the City that can be incorporated into the web design…. It may be asking a lot, I do not know, but we are looking for photographers to donate their electronic photos (as large as possible) to the City for no cost with the understanding that they will not be attributable on the photo itself…. there has been a brief discussion that we may have a section of the web page that does say thank you for many different contributions to the city (site) and the attributes for the photos could possibly be there… but nothing firmed up on that (yet)…. I have seen dozens and dozens and dozens of absolutely FANTASTIC photos taken by many people and bloggers in the city… and I am wondering if you could reach out to others to see if they would be willing to donate their electronic photos of the city… we are looking for different types of photos… iconic, action orientated, places, buildings, special settings AND OF COURSE OUR HARBOR… variouis photos that show Glou. in summer, spring and fall (for some reason it was believed that winter … snow…. scenes wouldn’t fit… I don’t agree, so send what you will!!!) We hope to get so many submissions that it will be difficult for us to pick and choose those that will become part of our new web design!!! (photos that will DRAWWWWW viewers to our beautiful City) Here is the email address to send them to photos … of course we would like to have a note from those who do submit stating something like the following… ( I’m no lawyer, so this is my best stab….. check with Mike Wells in our IT department mwells , maybe he has something legal-eagle”ish” to use!)
here is my stab at it:
I ________________ am the owner of the attached photograph and I have the exclusive right to allow the City of Gloucester the right to use the photographs on the City of Gloucester website. I understand that I will not be paid by the City for the use of this photograph, and that I will not be acknowledged/attributed as the photographer for use by the City for same.

Joey and others….Thanks for whatever you can do to help get the word out to all the fantastic photographers – much appreciated, Jackie Hardy

remember to submit photo(s) ASAP as large as possible electronically to photos with the statement above.

our IT dept. wasn’t sure we’d get many folks who would donate… so lets show them differently and swamp the City with photos!!! Best to all with many thanks, Jackie Hardy

Rockport Art Association March 14th thru March 26th

I thought this would be of interest to Good Morning Gloucester since the Birdseye Building, the Paint Factory, Fort Square, and the Marine Railways are frequent subjects here:

Judy Robinson-Cox Solo Show
Endangered Spaces

The RAA is pleased to announce a Solo Show by award winning photographer Judy Robinson-Cox ( Judy will exhibit a collection of photographic images and constructions called “Endangered Spaces” at the Rockport Art Association March 14th through March 26th.

This exhibition is about locations, buildings and moments in time that no longer exist, or are in danger of extinction. The majority of the photographs were taken in Cape Ann including the Birdseye Building, Fort Square, the Marine Railways and the Paint Factory. Judy employs a variety of photographic techniques to try and capture the essence of a place including traditional photography, digital photographic montages, photo books, cut-out three dimensional photographs, and montage collages.

Please join us for the opening reception on Sunday, March 14th 2-4pm. All are welcome!

The Bean Captures This Picture For Mammaw

Yesterday I gave the camera to the Bean to take pictures much like Sharon did with grandaughter Kylie last week.

To say that I’ve created a monster would be an understatement.  She is going to need her own camera.

Click the picture below to see the slide show of pictures entirely taken by the Bean.  These were the best  33 out of about 120 she took.

The Bean Captures This Picture For Mammaw, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Need some votes to finish strong–and you get a decadent chocolate recipe!

Three more days to vote for my recipe if you are a Facebook member.  Thank you so much–Lil and I could win $2500.00 if I end up with the most votes by midnight Friday……… the link and click on “vote for this recipe” on the lower right of the page.

Dark Chocolate Sunset Orange Torte

*if you want to make the recipe and can’t find the Ferrara chocolate, there are other companies that make chocolate with orange essence or you can add a little orange zest to the melted chocolate.  Please let me know how it comes out if you make the recipe.

4 oz unsweetened chocolate, chopped
2 sticks butter
5 eggs, divided
2 cups plus 2 tablespoons granulated sugar, divided
1 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoons orange extract
1-6.17 oz Ferrara Dark Chocolate Orange Ball, finely chopped, divided
8 oz cream cheese, softened
4 oz white chocolate
½ cup heavy cream
5 tablespoons confectioners sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line two 8\” round cake pans with parchment paper and spray with nonstick cooking spray. Set aside

In a medium microwave safe bowl, melt unsweetened chocolate and butter. Stir until smooth and set aside to cool slightly.

In another medium bowl stir together by hand 4 eggs and 2 cups granulated sugar. Stir in flour, salt and orange extract.

Mix in chocolate and butter mixture and stir in half of the chopped Ferrera Dark Chocolate Orange Ball. Pour batter evenly into prepared pans and set aside.

In a medium bowl beat together cream cheese, egg, remaining 2 tablespoons sugar until lighter in texture and completely mixed. Drop cream cheese mixture by tablespoonfuls on to chocolate batters and swirl with knife. Bake for 25 minutes or until center is set.

Remove from oven and cool completely in the pan on a wire rack. When cool, place one layer on serving plate.

While cakes are cooling, prepare filling. Bring to a simmer 4 oz white chocolate and ½ cup heavy cream in a saucepan. Remove from heat and stir until smooth. Pour into a mixing bowl and refrigerate until cool. When cool, add confectioners sugar to mixture, beat and spread half of the mixture over first layer of cake. Top with remaining layer and spread remaining white chocolate mixture over top layer.

Melt remaining chopped Ferrera Dark Chocolate Orange ball in microwave and stir until smooth. Drizzle on top of white chocolate layer

Pinfish on the Naples Pier

A fisherman caught this pinfish on the Naples Pier. The first time Id ever come to Naples I was about 11 years old. My sister Felicia and I came down to visit my grandpartents Captain Joe and Grandma Felicia. My grandfather would walk down to the pier each morning and fish with his buddies where they would catch snook and Spanish mackerel and whatever else was there to be caught.

He got me up at 5am to go fishing with him and although I have a terrible memory I remember that morning well. We met up with some of his fishing buddies, many of them also retired and had the same routines of walking down and fishing each morning off the pier

Every year I take the girls down to the Naples pier to walk down to the end, see what the old-timers are catching, get the girls some ice cream and reflect a little about what an incredible man Captain Joe was. How strong he was, how hard he worked, how much he loved his family, how generous he was, how respected he was. His shoes are impossible to fill but he set a great example for us to try to follow.

When walking down the pier there were a few benches and plaques with some of the names of the old timers who had gone to that pier to fish day after day and had now passed.

I wish my grandfather had a plaque there as well but I know his spirit as a fisherman is still present down there plaque or not- for me anyway as I’ll never forget that morning strolling down those wooden planks that made up the pier way back when I was just a kid.