GMG Facebook Impostor

Unfortunately someone has started a facebook page titled GoodMorning Gloucester and stolen our logo.

I’m pretty disapponted and hope that the person that has done this will take it down voluntarily without me having to take time from the family while on vacation to deal with it.

I always thought the idea of a GMG fan page would be cool but for someone to steal the GMG logo ands pose as this site’s Facebook page after all the work to get GMG where it is is completely unacceptable.

So I’m asking here first nicely that if anyone has any information about it or if you are responsible please take the Facebook page down, no hard feelings.



  • I agree with you Joey… will keep my eyes open.. I think you maybe able to contact facebook thanks


  • Boy, there sure are a lot of fan pages with “Gloucester” in the title. But no, can’t find a fan page for GMG so it must have been taken down already. I would bet it is a well intentioned fan of GMG that put it up. Fan pages normally are not run by the site they they are gaga over. You can easily make a “business” page which we could then become fans of too but that’s different. I made one of those for my brother’s business and could make yours if you want.

    I do feel for your thoughts on being sucked into yet another time sink. You have as much self control as I do. I use Facebook for just people who are related to me so I keep it low volume that way. The day I retire might be the last day I ever touch a computer. I wonder if I will be able to breathe?

    Interacting with people only in meat space or with pen and paper. Scary thought.


    • The person listed it under GoodMorning Gloucester

      that’s GoodMorning(space)Gloucester

      and it isn’t a fan page unfortunately, it’s someone that stole the logo and put it up there as GoodMorning Gloucester


      • Ah I got it. It’s a Facebook member using the name GoodMorning Gloucester and using your logo. It has zero activity and zero friends. Can’t tell how old the account is. (Don’t be confused, I was, by the search listing some of your web pages. I think those are just GMG pages that have a typo so they are included in a search for the no space, space, GMG.)

        It doesn’t seem to be doing anything but you should be able to torch it because of copyright on your logo. You have first use copyright on that logo even if you have done nothing to register it. But you likely have to register a formal complaint to Facebook and they will eventually unplug the account or at least send it a cease and desist.

        Sucks to be successful and popular. ;-O


  • Joey, your blog has become so popular that it may be time to think about some copyright or trademark protection of your brand. That is if you haven’t already.

    If this sort of things happens again, look into filing a DMCA complaint. It has helped me get thieves to remove content they’ve stolen from


  • You can report them on Facebook, and facebook will take it down. I am sure whoever did it, didn’t mean any harm.


  • Joey, this is on a different thread, but I think you’ll be reading the responses to your imposter post so here goes.

    There’s a wonderful tribute to you on today’s GDT editorial page: “Gloucester’s Unsung Hero” … and I’m sure that every one of us who follow you would have liked to sign our name to that letter. Every single word is TRUE! You are a treasure.


  • Joey, I put a link on my FB to GMG, for my friends to link to, maybe FB automaticaly created a user.
    I sent an email to GoodMorning Gloucester, but no response so far.
    Hopefully I was not the cause..


  • you prob. already did this, but i did it too – i reported it as a fake


    • problem is that I don’t want to get started on Facebook as I know the timesuck that it is and I already have a ton on my plate but I may have to join just to be able to file the complaint


  • HI Joey,

    I sent them and Facebook a copyright infringement notification and an intellectual property rights violation notice. The logo is copyrighted and not available for use by others. The name however, you might want to see about protecting.

    Hopefully it will go away immediately and you won’t need to go any further.



  • is the copyright infringement form for you to submit too . . .


  • Joey, I have a facebook sub. It’s under Elaine Marie Lapointe. Thinking of going back to my real name, it isn’t going to be easy though. Talked to social security. Anyway, if there is anything through my facebook account that I can do just send me an e-mail & I’ll do all I can. I know what you mean about facebook taking up a lot of time. Help if I can.


  • Facebook should be all set once they get an e-mail. GMG doesn’t need more ways to link its webpage. I’m going out on a limb by saying the site gets enough traffic the way it is. Situation averted I will put away the blow torch and pliers LOL…


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